Wednesday, September 05, 2007


How can a member of Mick's side of the family who all the time Mick was ill only came to see him once....and since his funeral has not phoned, written or in any way enquired after my welfare.... send me an email (still with no "how are things with you").....asking for a donation for the charity fun run they are doing?

How do I get rid of this horrible feeling that I'm really mean as I'm not sending them anything?

How can our local bus company suddenly decide to no longer sell return fare tickets...this means the cost of a journey to town and back rises from £1.30 to £ increase of almost 50%

Is it just a coincidence that our local shop has raised the price of milk from £1.19 to £1.38 (almost 20%) just when the bus price has risen.....knowing many people will not be able to afford to travel into town (where the prices are cheaper) anymore?

Why won't the Government deem Bereavement Allowance a "qualifiable" benefit?
.......remember how it didn't allow me to have free dental treatment or prescriptions despite my only receiving £58 per week.....well when I went to pay for the College Course it also didn't qualify me for the concessionary cost. (Luckily as I get reduced Council Tax Charges because of my low income I have been able to pay less for the course...still a week and a halfs income though!)

Why is it when we have the weight of the world on our SHOULDERS we like to get it off our CHESTS?

'How do you know so much about everything?' was asked of a very wise and intelligent man; and the answer was 'By never being afraid or ashamed to ask questions as to anything of which I was ignorant.'
~John Abbott~

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CG said...

For a start, ruth, you're not mean. Don't think that. i wish I had an answer to your other questions - life is so unfair isn't it?

Mo said...

NO, you're not mean. Never!

And milk prices are going up all over. Because of fuel price increases and grain price increases -- grain is being shunted into the fuel industry making grain more expensive. But funny, petrol prices aren't coming down...

They get us coming & going. Especially with that bus fare increase!

Gledwood said...

q3 bus fairs that is what i loathe about ken livingstone... he nearly doubled our bus fairs in a few short years... last year a ride using oyster which is the cheapest way went from 80p to a pound 20% increase or 25% depending how you look at it because 20p is a quarter of 80p and a fifth of a pound it is too late to think about maths...

yeah.. then this ken livingstone gives free rides to nasty disgusting kids who take over the entire bus shouting, intimidate other passengers are generally obnoxious and could just as well WALK and i wish they would

i am never voting for that man

in fact i voted NOT TO HAVE a mayor bc i knew it was just a job title for an egotist

ok i do apologize you sort of inspired a rant of my own

Audrey said...

Hopefully getting it out here Ruth will be the answer to question two.

I think in all honesty if I had been placed in this position, It wouldnt make me feel any better if I did respond to the appeal.. Your not mean,anything but, I just need to remember all your hard work and effort for the Britball run and not in the easiest of places, your supportive visits and comments to others

Head up, celebrate who you are..caring,responding and leave 'mean' where it truly belongs, and thats not with you, not yours to carry

Lost for answers to the Auds

RUTH said...

Cheers Folks; I did think of just sending a very small token amount but knowing how well off that part of the family is I would still look pretty mean to decided to opt for "Charity begins at home" would you believe I typed CHASTITY..glad I spotted it.
I know prices are rising all the time and I guess I've been lucky that it never affected me so much in the past. Luckily I am fit enough to walk to and fro at the mement but Winter will be here all too quickly and busing is so much warmer.
Gleds I don't think I've heard anyone praise K.L....and feel free to rant here anytime you like.

Akelamalu said...

1.They're cheeky buggers!
2.Slap yourself - hard.
3.It costs £4 single to Manchester from where I live but it's only £3.50 for a day saver! DOH!
4. No - they did it on purpose.
5.Because you are a genuine case and genuine cases get no help at all.
6. Because it's good to talk except when it's on the telephone - that costs money and you won't get any help with the phone bill see #5

Hope that helps! x

RUTH said...

Akelamula; perfect answers....LOL

Mauigirl said...

You are CERTAINLY not mean to not donate to that relative. You are a very caring and generous person. The one who isn't caring and generous is the relative who never came to see Mick.

So sorry about the higher prices and other things going on. It's very difficult these days unless a person is rich.

Gene Bach said...

Never came to see him and now they want money? I wonder, can they spell


Tell'em to buzz off. The milk prices went up because the bus fare went up. Simple economics...gouge the customer any chance you get. At least that's the way it seems to be here anymore.

Don't know what you fuel prices are like so I couldn't wager a guess as to wether or not the fare increaase was justified. Prices her are down from what they were a few months ago. I'm sure they'll go up again though.

You...mean? Yeah, right. Again, see the first sentence on paragraph 2.


Gene Bach said...

Good God, maybe some day I'll learn to spell! LOL!!!!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

I have no answers to any of your questions.
But I am glad you got them off your chest.
Ruth, anyone who doesn't enquire about you after your husband dies and then asks for money, deserves a kick in the tuckus, let alone you feeling guilt for not giving!
Tell them to pound sand!
Thinking of you lovey!

meeyauw said...

I'm sorry that this has also happened to you, Ruth. I want to hope that their fear of death does this to them, and/or their desire to return to normal and not feel any pain.

It happened with us too. With family, with "friends." Being a widow changes so many relationships. It is NOT you. You are trying to move on, day by day.

You are trying to support yourself, also. You cannot help others when you are trying to care for yourself. Wouldn't that be irresponsible? I hope you don't berate yourself. It was crude of them to ask.

tsduff said...

I came here through "flames of eden"... I've seen you there frequently in the past, and so finally I visited. I am very sorry for your loss. I lost my own husband April 15, 2004. There are no words I can say to you other than I do feel for your loss and wish you well as you go forward. I haven't read the rest of your blog - only back far enough to see what had happened to your Love. No wonder you have so much compassion.

Mustafa ┼×enalp said...

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