Saturday, March 24, 2007


Would have normally told you about this in my post tomorrow but I'm so thrilled that I just had to share it tonight.


Mick has eaten every scrap of his dinner with NO CHOKING! Isn't that wonderful!! I admit it wasn't a massive meal, some chicken, brussels and a roast potato and I had pureed each item up (individually)....but it's the most he's eaten all week in one go.

As good things are reputed to come in threes, I'll just mention a couple more goodies;

Nicole, one of our grandaughters has been chosen as an Ambassador for her school and is going to visit Cambridge University for the day on Tuesday; she gained this accolade by doing so well in her lessons.

This is the girl who tells us that she is hopeless at school and that all the teachers don't like her!!!!!....yeh right Nicole...who are you trying to kid!!! (Thanks to Andi for this photo he took)

And last but by no means least; I've won another award!!!!!!!
this one is courtesy of Women On The Verge...... They had to choose 5 blogs out of all the blogs they visit.......they just couldn't make the decision so it was a "out of the hat" choice. This makes it all the more special because it means that Lady Luck is looking down on me.

Now where's that lottery ticket?


Seems I now have to pick 5 blogs; the price of

With so many to choose from I opted for the "out of a hat" choice;

First out of the hat was.......

OOPS!!!!!...wrong hat

That's better......right the winners no particular order.......

Libby at Woodlands World

Merle at Third try

Mauigirl at Mauigirl's Meanderings

Ruby at Living In Bury St Edmunds

Gleds at Gledwood Vol 2 you have to choose 5!!!!....but it's worth because you now all have one of these!!!!!

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CG said...

Hurray for you, Mick and Nicole!! I'm so pleased for you all :) xxxx

talj said...

wonderful wonderful news!!! I am so pleased you didnt wait until tomorrow to share this with us!!!!

Nicole is a lovely girl and both Andi and myself were taken with her! WELL DONE NICOLE!!!!

Love and {{{{HUGS}}}} XXXXX

Libbys Blog said...

2 wonderfuls in one post! Mick ate all his dinner and I won an award!!! Brilliant and thank you!

Mauigirl52 said...

Thanks for picking my blog out of the hat! I'm sure I'll get more traffic thanks to you!

I'm not quite sure how the awarding part works but will try to pick five awards too!

Elsie said...

Congrats again, Ruth. You really deserve all these awards. Also to Nicole.

How wonderful that Mick was able to eat everything on the plate. Your idea for the "small" meals is good.