Monday, July 16, 2007


After my moans of last night and before my computer went into switch off mode I managed to vist a few blogs. One of them spoke about a friend who had lost their 18 year old daughter....certainly made me look at my problems in a different light!
Another was Shaz's .....and my tears soon changed to laughter as I watched the video on her latest post; sadly it's now been removed from YouTube so I'm fortunate to have had that moment of laughter.
I think Serendipity was trying to give me a wake up call........................

“If there are no miracles then we need to find another word for the existence of life – the existence of you and me – on earth. Call it a gift from spirit (God or god in whatever form works for you), serendipity, happenstance or plain good fortune. I invite you to look at your life as if it were a miracle. To treat your life in any other way seems to me to be a terrible waste of your unique presence on this planet.”

~Robert White~

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Shaz said...

So pleased you got to see the video & smile. Thanks or the Lyrics. I've never had a post thats changed three times in a space of a few minutes . . .lol

Audrey said...

Lol just watched the video, so funny...and thats a lovely quote youve posted xxx Auds

meeyauw said...

Why was the video pulled? Now I want to see it! It's a great quote.

RUTH said...

meeyauw; I've no idea why it was pulled; it contained a little swearing but I've certainly seen far more offending material on youtube....

JoAnn-NL said...

Wow Ruth,
I visited this blog today for the very first time, what a wonderfull and thoughtfull person you are!! You have SO much to say, and don't worrie ... 'moaning' is human girl. (I think we are from the smae age) Anyway keep up and go on this way, you have so many to blog!

I am stil very very flattered by your "tagging me' ( add my link on your blog) No-one ever did that before and I am blogging now since february 2006,

But ONLY my family red my blog before( but do not comment) so I feel much better since I met you as a blogger-friend (and thereby others), you introduced me and thanks to you I got more visiters now.

Well I just want to say also, that when you do not hear from me... we are leaving for 3/4 weeks holiday by thursday this week I quess... I post wednesday the last time...

So I really like it when we return ,to show you ( and others) some of my holiday. (we can't find a PC on the road hah!)

So surprise me and visit my blog (also the old stories are interesting perhaps?) by the time I am back, I will for sure visit yours!!!

Bye and greetings,

RUTH said...

Joann only too happy to link you. There are a lot of wonderful bloggers in blogland who have supported me through so much and I'm pleased that by my linking you they have visited you. What a wonderful community we have on the internet and we are always ready to greet new blogfriends. I shall take a look at some of your older posts.

Icarus said...

I went first to visit JoAnn in NL. Made me realise that I feel like a real veteran now, after 14 months. Do you get that feeling?

This is lotsahugs time for tomorrow. We'll see how it goes, but just don't let anything bring you down.
The info you mailed me about D really stunned me. Another of the miilion stories, and not of the glowing uplifting kind. It is really all out there.
Ternura, yes, I'm glad you looked it up, cos it's a good word. So is 'carinho'.....which I'm also sending you (don't forget, Portuguese 'nh' is pronounced, nyo, as in Enya).
till tomorrow, night, night.



Anonymous said...

Hello Ruth

I came to visit your blog and, as alawys I am surprised. You are special.
Please visit my blog to see the same violinist in her twenties now,
playing something special.