Thursday, July 05, 2007


So the pond pump's big deal in the great scheme of things.................................there are catastrophic events happening all over the world.........................what does a silly little thing like a pond pump matter compared to all the sadness I've heard on the news!
So why have I spent over an hour bawling my eyes out?????????????
Because in the "old days"...we would have jumped in the car; up to the garden centre; bought a new one; spent half the day digging up the old cable and putting in the new one; probably definitely had a few Brandy and cokes while we did it; would have giggled and laughed like school kids even if we cocked something up....................and "Job Jobbed!"

now the thoughts are; how to get to the garden centre?; how to dig up the garden and lay a new cable on my own?; will the fish be OK until I can do it (it'll have to wait until next week)?......the water's like green pea's never been this bad before.....the fish are part of the Mick & Ruth Story......Mick dreamt we built a pond and the next day we many evenings we spent watching the fish and putting the world to many memories..................

now so many tears.............................

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Gledwood said...

Ruth you are flashing back to right BEFORE... you know, two eras ago ... but let me try and answer you...
the fish will be fine. i mean obviously no pump is sold unless it's fish-safe
.. and this is a v salient point
if you're smart enough to put a self-assembly wardrobe together i'm serious a pond pump will be no trouble
personally installing a pump like that wouldn't faze me.. but a wardrobe? I speak from bitter experience - sheer genius is required
I know Mick isn't there but you have loads of family who would I'm sure be only too happy to lend a hand IF needed
the old cable can stay down (what harm is it doing?)
the new cable just leave lots of slack and install over: bury later
just get the pond working again

i hope this advice has helped
i'm only trying to be a voice of reason in a whirlwind of if's but's and why's! (this is so easy to do when it's not your own situation...)

take care Ruth and lots of love


talj said...

{{{HUGS}}} It's the simpliest things that get to us the most.

Lots of good advice from Gledwood! This may sound silly but, can you order a pond pump online? If there is anything that Andi or I can do (well, maybe not me, am miles away and useless lol) just shout!

Above all else Ruth, IT'S GOOD TO CRY!!! It is wonderful that you can come here and share the lows and highs with all your blog friends...I know that there will be plenty more helpful and wise words following me!

More {{HUGS}} to you xx

Sheila said...

Gledwood's advice is sound.
You can worry about burying the cable later. When you get the new pump installed the fish will be fine.
The water is probably soupy because of all the rain, I know it does things to ponds.
Go and pour yourself a brandy and coke anyway, and take Talj's suggestion and check online , you might get one that way. Even phone around and see who's got one locally, explain you are without transport and ask if they have free delivery..?
Lie if you have to, tell them you are a little old lady..LOL

Audrey said...

Ruth I know nothing about ponds or pumps, but I know its so means so much to you.. I can only send a warm ((hug)) for now xxx Auds

RUTH said...

Cheers Folks; I know I can DO the job it's the not doing it TOGETHER I'm missing.
Good idea Gleds if my mind was thinking straight I'd have thought about burying the cable later! DOH!
Talj I'll have a look online...and thanks for the help offer.
Sheila; umm...little old lady routine at the ready...LOL

RUTH said...

Auds; thanks for the warm hug..after being in the pouring rain trying to mend the pump I need it...well that and a stiff drink...purely

Morgen said...

Ruth - my heart goes out to you.
I think your fish will be ok. If you have to, try changing some of the water. Have you cleaned it out good? Sometimes with pond pumps, a bit of debris will get in there and jam the mechanism.
I know it sounds weird, but sometimes mine will stop. If cleaning it out with a jet of water doesn't get it going again, a good smack sometimes helps. I'm serious. The mechanism inside most pumps is a magnet, and sometimes a thwack can get it back into alignment.
I wish you & your fishies the best!

RUTH said...

Thanks Mo; I have cleaned it out thoroughly and it has been suitably whacked.....with a vengance..LOL. No luck though...I admit it was a very cheap pump at the time so has served us well;

CG said...

Dear Ruth, so much sensible and practical advice which I can't add to so I'm sending you lots of love instead {{{HUGS}}

Claire said...

we never had a pump in our pond and our fish were fine for years!
which garden centre do you go?

The pond will be fine in the end as i know your a whizz at everything. The tears will just add to the determination to get it fixed, because after all i think it will Mick helping you get it done.

Suzi-k said...

I know its the gap left by Mick that makes the task duanting, rather than the task itself. Would it help to talk to him as if he was there? (out loud if you have the courage and neigbours who won't have you locked up!) Otherwise converse in your mind, just so the empty space doesn't feel so big. (Naturally this should not become a habit, but i have found it helpful in an emergency when the gap is literally paralysing and making the task look way bigger than it is.) hugs

Libbys Blog said...

Mick is always with you, just not in body! I cannot begin to imagine how you feel on occasions, but know you have many blog friends who are good listeners!


Blue the Spa Girl said...

So many things will connect the two of you I can imagine. I think it must be so hard for you sometimes. People are so precious, aren't they? They make such an impact on our lives, especially those we pledge to spend our lives with. I guess anytime you have a "man" job to do, Mick will surely come to mind. I bet he is guiding you through though. Do what you can to fix the pump for now. I guess those fish are your priority, and if they are happy, the cable can wait.
Hugs and love from,

Jenny said...

Everyone's said it already - it's not about the pump, it's about Mick and not having your heart's companion to do the job. Hugs, hugs, hugs, I know there are so many moments like this you are going through!

Camplin said...

AH, I love to see a goood bit of photography.

Gledwood said...

Hi Ruth I've won a Thinking Blogger nomination a second time, so I've nominated you this time for this blog!
Obviously you can get nominated twice, but as I said in my post today I've nominated 5 different people than last time (also I couldn't nominate you last time as you nominated me!) Hope the weekend's going fine. Isn't the weather gorgeous!!
Take care


Mauigirl said...

Ruth, the pond is lovely and I hope you can get the pump fixed easily. I know it's about Mick not being there that is the hard part...others have said it better than I can, but I'm sure he is with you always. And remember you can still have the brandy!

RUTH said...

Thanks everyone. Your kind comments, a special gift, a visit to the zoo and the sunny weekend have helped to lift my spirits. Thanks for the award Gleds, I'll sort it tomorrow.