Thursday, October 26, 2006


What a strange life it is! Only a few short hours ago I had written a post bemoaning the fact that my poor darling was having severe bowel problems and trouble eating and now ALL IS WELL! Not only did my husband manage to eat a bowl of soup with some bread and TWO yoghurts WITHOUT choking; wondrous things have also happened with his bowels. After nearly TWO weeks he has had a movement! All that worry and now I am sitting with happy thoughts with my darling sleeping peacefully beside me. I know the movicol, prunes, yoghurts and juices along with his and my perseverance will have had a lot to do with this success but I also think that somehow; in the mystery of time and space, the good wishes and kind thoughts of my blog visitors like Mousie, Ruby and IC2U2 have played their part. It is so good for me to know that I have special friends to share my pains and joys with. Thank you from me and (let me formally introduce him) thank you from my dear husband Mick.

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Ruby in Bury said...

Great news! I'm glad yesterday got better.

I'm off into Bury now to take some pictures of Athanaeum Lane for my blog :-)