Monday, October 30, 2006


What a wonderful start to the day today. My darling said "HELLO" to me and then said"HELLO" to Manda! That was all he said, but to us it was like he had just read the whole of "War and Peace" out loud. Why it is that approximately once a month he manages to come out with a word I dont know; but believe me it is worth waiting for and stops us from doubting that he remembers who we are.

I was especially pleased for Manda. She is off to Bury St Edmunds for the first day of a First Aid training course (I expect she will be hitting Toms first aid blog a few times this week) and she was worried about being out of touch with us as she would have to turn her mobile off. I know hearing Mick speak will have sent her off with a happy heart.
Couldnt resist taking this pic of Mick; think he is looking quite pleased with himself! Tracey (our hairdresser) is coming round to give him a haircut and then Manda and I will give him a kitchenshower - so its going to be a busy evening.

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Elsie said...

I can imagine your joy. Indeed well worth waiting for to hear him say something.

Keep up the conversations with Mick and say hi to him from me.

Elsie from S.A.

mousie said...

so happy for these words...give Mick a kiss