Saturday, October 28, 2006


And the nominations for OSCARS (I Ought to Send Champagne And RoseS to them) are, in no particular order :-

  • the locum doctor who (after 2 months of being seen by own doctor) took one look at Mick and within 48 hours had arranged an MRI scan, an appointment with a neurologist and a hospital bed
  • the nurse at Papworths who, being so disgusted that our doctor and district nurses had refused to help until the referral came through, had WORDS with them to get them to give us some help
  • the Red Cross which lent us a wheelchair so that I could get Mick out of the house
  • the Macmillan nurse who (although Mick was staying at home and not going into a hospice) brought us some incontinence pads when I was unable to get them
  • the jeweller who (when I explained about Micks wedding ring cutting into his finger) came out in his own time and cut the ring off and refused to charge for doing it
  • my neighbour (Sue) who (although we had previously only exchanged pleasantries) turns up on the door step once a week with a ready made cup of tea for me and ALWAYS speaks to Mick
  • the local community transport drivers (all volunteers) and company who give us the ability to get to get to town or a local garden centre without having to waste 2 hours walking to and fro
  • technology; which has meant that I can do online shopping
  • the local mobility centre for telling me that the cheaper brand of incontinence pad was equally as good as the dear one
  • Steve for building a ramp (when O.T. said they wouldnt) and being our general handy-man
  • Chris who is always on hand for carrying shopping and is the ONLY person strong enough to push Mick UP the hill from the Maldon Grey
  • Rob for all his help with my computer queries; it wasnt that long ago that I didnt even know where the ON button was!

BUT THE WINNER IS........................................................

(big pause)

(hold your breath)

(the suspense is too much!)

(can you wait?)


whose courage and determination to live is a lesson to us all


Those of you wondering why there has been no mention of our daughters in the above nominations. Well the answer is simple!

No words could ever be said to convey to you, dear reader, the unfailing love and support that they have given us.

No riches would ever compensate them for their tireless devotion.

Lynn, Leanne and Manda (my rock)

*"Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!" ~ [[Lydia Child]]

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mousie said...

I'm so proud of knowing your proud and're great...Plenty of love and kisses to you all