Sunday, October 29, 2006


We had to cancel our "with transport" trip this week because Mick was having a few really poorly days. As the clocks went back last night and we gained an extra hour I thought we would make the most of the glorious sunshine and go walkabout. Had originally intended to just have a short walk round the block but Manda and Chris said they would come with us so decided to do the long trek into Sudbury town. As we hadnt been into town for quite a few weeks it seemed strange (especially on such hot sunny day) to see all the christmas decorations for sale already. Had a little nose around a couple of shops; making the most of having Manda and Chris to carry the shopping! There was a police car and a forensic team near one of the pubs with a "do not cross" tape up so I reckon something nasty must have gone on last night. We decided to walk part of the way back home via the park and I noticed this new (to us) tree carving. It was really impressive. The whole journey took us about three hours but was worth the effort. It is easy to go a bit "stir crazy" if I havent got out at all for a while.

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mousie said...

it's also hot in surprising...i'm glad you had that you good...but i think christmas decorations come to early...i preferred when they were just at the beginning of december...
see you love