Saturday, August 25, 2007


As many of you know I have in my own small way tried to raise money and awareness for the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and endeavoured to help Talj and Andrew towards their goal of £5000. You may have taken part in my "100 comments" or the Easter Egg Hunt yourselves. For that I thank you. Thanks to friends and relatives a further amount was raised at Mick's funeral and I was fortunate enough to meet Talj and Andi themselves when Talj came to stay with me for a few days. Even the Grand National played it's party...what an exciting day that was!
Well the day of the Britball Run has finally dawned.....Talj has worked so hard in preparation for this and I wish both she and Andi well over the next three gruelling days. May they have sunshine and laughter and NOT GET LOST!!!!!

26th January 1984 – 11th November 2006

Today Rose’s Father, Andrew, and his best friend, Natalya, are setting off on a 3 day, 1,000 mile fundraising event in memory of Rose.

Right from the start it has been their intention to use their fundraising activities as a way of sharing Rose and her beautiful smile with all who read about her.

Rose was an up and coming designer and was featured at the New Designers Exhibition in London in June 2006. Sadly, that same month the family was devastated when Rose was diagnosed with a Grade 4 malignant brain tumour. Following surgery to remove the tumour treatment was started straight away and on 26th October 2006 Rose graduated with honours from Liverpool Hope University. Just two weeks later Rose was admitted to hospital and sadly passed away on 11th November 2006.

As Andrew and Natalya navigate around the UK, bloggers across the world are coming together to help them share Rose’s story and her wonderful smile.

Please click on these words if you'd like to read more about the Britball Event

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Akelamalu said...

Good Luck to Andrew and Natalya - I'll be rooting for them!

Audrey said...

Wishing Andrew and Natalya all the best for the Britball Run 1,ooo miles in 3 days wow!!

Thanks to you too Ruth for sharing Rose's story, all your fun fundraising events on your blog really enjoyed taking part x Auds

Mousie/Paisible said...

they are very brave indeed, so more wirth knowing people...i wish them all the best
love from Mousie

Gledwood said...

How close are they to the £5000?