Sunday, March 18, 2007


I thought I'd better make a pot of tea as you may be here a little while as I tell you about the wonderful day we had on Saturday, you may have to fight over the last of the cake though. The day started off well as Mick, who has been struggling with his food lately, woke up bright and early and "wolfed" his breakfast down; Lynn turned up at 7.45am and was really pleased that we had such a good start to the day. Whereas I had been worried that we may not have Mick washed and dressed before Talj and Andi arrived; as it was we were all ready well ahead of schedule.

Talj had text on Friday evening so we knew they had arrived safely at their B&B and she also text to let us know that they would soon be on their way. Oh how time dragged whilst we waited! I think Lynn was worse than I we paced the floor..rushing to the window at the sound of every approaching car!

FINALLY we saw the car appear across the road from our house......and then it disappeared!!!!! Oh No!!!!!...don't say our "kerb appeal" didn't appeal!!!! I went racing out to try and catch them but they'd gone!!!!! Luckily after a few minutes they returned......phew! seemed they were not sure that they were in the right road!

I had to be soooooo patient as Talj got out of the car as I couldn't wait to give her a REAL hug!

Hugs over...Andi getting his share.....Talj made it up our front steps and into the house. She did so well...I had really thought we would need to take her round to the back gate where there are no steps! Didn't she do well!!!!

From that moment on it was as though Talj and Andi BELONGED!!!! We just all got on so well. My friend Sue came over for a quick Hello; I'm glad they got to meet her....and soon after Manda and Nicole came round. It was the same story....everyone LOVED them. Nicole even offered them her room if it meant they could stay....and also gave us the word "SPEC" that was what they are....really special people.
Andi was a sweetheart and took Nicole out for a spin in his car.......she was so thrilled!!!!...and can't wait to get to school and tell all her mates!
Now I must admit that when I mentioned the other day that I was sure Andi would be the sort of man to have a "designer" hair cut, I did in fact know that he had not had time to go to the barbers so had attempted to cut it himself!

He did look a little embarressed as he told the taleand I hope that he appreciates what a good hostess I am as I tried very hard to look the other way and not STARE!!!!

Luckily he has a good sense of humour, as besides from Mick he was surrounded by women! and had to be the butt of such girly humour as "Is it true what they say about a man and the size of his"

As we don't have a downstairs bathroom I was worried that the visit would be cut short by Talj being "taken short"...but somehow she even managed to get UPSTAIRS...I know how difficult it must have been for her and I know she was in some's so lovely to think that she withstood all that just to be able to stay.
We all had a chance for some private chats as we smokers went into the garden for "fag" breaks and later on, after lunch (which included some wine!) Talj came out into the garden too. Even our frogs in the pond came out to pose!

All too soon it was time for them to go hoo.......and after copious hugs and a tear in our eyes Talj got into the carAndi had to do one more "SPOT" check ......(boys and their toys!!!)....before they left

and off they went.............................

I have only 3 complaints........

  1. The visit wasn't long enough..........still so much to talk and laugh about!
  2. They don't eat enough..........I really need to build their appetites up.......full English breakfasts and roast dinners next time!
  3. That Mick wasn't in a position to truly appreciate the he would have enjoyed chatting to them both and having some "mantalk" with Andi!

I really can't wait to see them both again......I've never known two people who could so suddenly and so easily become part of our family unit. They are two amazing people and the special bond between them is obvious. I don't know quite how to explain it......I think that if I had an older brother their relationship is just how I'd want our relationship to be. Full of respect and love and good humour.

P.S. The adoption papers are in the post!!!!!!

P.P.S. Anyone want to buy some dust masks....they didn't appear to need them!

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talj said...

WONDERFUL WONDERFUL post Ruth!! It had me chuckling all the way through!!! You have put the day in to words so well. It was all you have said and so much more!

I am sure Andrew will be here himself to give his 'thoughts' but from my point of view I couldn't agree with you more about the way we all just seemed to 'gel'. I have been looking through the diary already and trying to work out when I can get down to see you again next!!! :o) I promise I will try and make it soon....I'm missing you already!!!!

Loads of love and {{{{HUGE HUGE HUGS}}} to you all xxxx

RUTH said...

Just let me know when!!!
{{{{HUGE HUGE HUGS}}}} to you

Claire said...

Adopt me too!
I am so glad two blog buddies managed to meet.
Not a 70 year old man in a dress to be seen!
Just goes to proves that you can meet people in cyber world and for them to be just as nice in the real world too.
Andy didn't do a bad job on his 'hair' at all.

Icarus said...

Phew! After reading all this, up to date on every post of the day and reading talj's version, there's not much I can say. Except I couldn't imagine it being any different. We can know in advance how it's going to be, it's not impossible.
But,as I wrote to talj, the best thing from my perspective was being able to transcend the screen and all the posts & mails and see our blog-friends in 3-D. As well as those famous names - Manda, Nicole - And to have the confirmation that they are all exactly as they seem.
You needed this, Ruth, and deserved it. No wonder your excitement bubbles out & fizzes like champagne. I am very glad for you. Your champagne heart is everywhere! SXXXXXX

Ecce said...

Hi Ruth, thanks for a great day - it really was 'spec' :)

And whilst its been said already, it wasn't like strangers meeting for the first time - it was as if we were long time friends :)

A great day - I'm looking forward to next time and the famous Sunday Roast (though I'm not even going to attempt 10 potatoes lol).

Thanks again, you all made us feel part of the family (exluding the washing up ;)However Talj made me do hers this morning!

RUTH said...

claire; sometime you've got to get your hiking boots on and join us...I just know that your "spec" too!
icarus; I know that you know how special the meeting was for me and it was your friendship and support from the early days of my blogging that made me realise the true friendship that could be found in cyber world.
ecce; don't worry Nicole will willingly make the sacrifice and finish off your roast potatoes in return for another ride in your car!

CG said...

What a lovely read this was and great photos too! I had tears in my eyes reading it all!!

Claire said...

I will have to work on it Ruth!
I want to be Spec!

Pat said...

How "spec" this was for all concerned. I felt I was right there too, Ruth.

Loved reading this. I'm so happy that your wonderful day went so well.

{{{{HUGS TO YOU & MICK}}}}

Sheila said...

This was great, I knew you would all have a great visit, and you did..!
Isn't it great when you meet people and hit it off so easily ?
That tells me what great folks you are..all of you..!
Hugs to you, and that's enough excitement, for this week anyway..I'm sure you are all planning another visit soon..LOL

Suzi-k said...

sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. don't you just love it when you connect with people like that, like you've known each other all your lives?!. Very "spec"!!!

Libbys Blog said...

As I said on talj's blog, it still amazes me how we find like minded people and meet up in blogland and become such good friends! When we would probably pass in the street and not even look at one another!!
Blogging is Brill!!
I am so pleased you had such a lovely day!!!

Audrey said...

Lovely post Ruth, and im so pleased you all had such a wonderful day together. I was full of smiles as I read...this is 'SPEC' very special indeed x x x Auds

talj said...

Just re read this and wish it was saturday again! Can't wait for May :o( {{{HUGE HUGS}}} XXX