Sunday, June 03, 2007


The end of that tether is getting nearer.....I had two letters yesterday that left me shell-shocked and resulted in me spending the whole morning in tears. The first was a letter telling me that the £415 Carer's Allowance I'd been paid was seems that they have overpaid me £215 and they want that back! As that is all the benefit I've received since Mick's death it means my income for the last eight weeks is £25 per week. As if that wasn't enough I also received a letter from the Housing and Council Tax Benefit Office......they have reassessed my position and have now decided that I have to pay £35 per week towards rent and £9.63 per week towards Council Tax. If there's a mathematical genius reading this can they tell me how out of £25 I'm supposed to find £'s not going to happen. I really don't know how much longer I can carry on like's all just getting too much. Even the paperwork I did for the CAB is wrong now. It's all such a mess. Even if I sell everything I own and go bankrupt I'm still never going to be able to manage on MINUS £20 a week.
Half of the problem I think is that they are still assuming I'm getting Bereavement Allowance...the £87 a week they keep telling me I'm getting.....BUT I'M NOT..........

I've emailed my Landlady to explain the situation as they are also going to reclaim from her the money that they now think I should have paid. What a mess......hopefully she will be more patient than the relative who asked me the other day if I'd got a job yet. Give me a chance please!.......I cared for Mick for two years almost and saved the government a fortune in Hospice costs.....I think I can be a "drain on society for" a bit longer! least until everything is sorted out.

And of course to make matters worse the letters arrived on a Saturday when the offices are closed so I couldn't even ring them and plead my case! Instead I've got to stew until Monday morning when I (hopefully) can get to speak to someone.......I hope so because that's the day that even the (aforementioned) Carer's Allowance stops!!!
I can't explain to you how down I felt; I think if there had been a cliff nearby I would have jumped... I felt really sorry for Manda...she popped in and this time I couldn't "hide" my tears.....usually when things get on top of me I may rant and rave but try not to let anyone "see" just how much it is upsetting me. Luckily she wasn't busy (or at least she said she wasn't) and we went out for a walk by the river. It did me good as even the garden was feeling oppressive...we must of been out for a couple of least that's what my feet told me!!! The one blessing of living where we do is that it is easy to escape to the countryside even without a car.
To be honest without Manda's company, the walk and Akamula's hilarious post I don't think I'd be smiling now.

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Petunia's Gardener said...

Ruth, I'd cry too! What a knot these organizations have tied. I hope you can set it aside for Sunday to recharge and then take a fresh shot on Monday. Forget expecting reason. But persistance might win out.

talj said...

{{{HUGS}}} xx

Akelamalu said...

Oh Ruth I came over to tell you I've tagged you but after reading your post I don't think you will be in the mood to do it.

The beaurocracy in the country makes me want to SPIT!! Instead of ringing tomorrow is there anyway you can actually go to the office and speak to someone face to face, the telephone is so impersonal and you may get more joy that way?

I wish I could help you in some way. I'll be thinking of you and sending Reiki to your situation, good luck m'dear.

Glad I made you laugh, even if only for a short time. xx

RUTH said...

Unfortunately the offices are in Ipswich and Gloucestershire. Even the Ipswich one would mean an expensive and very long bus ride. Good thinking though.

Callie Ann said...

Hi Ruth,
I am a friend of Claire's over at a piece of me. Well, anyway no one Bloggers have heard from her since last wednesday and I know you did the egg thing with her have you heard anything from her. There are a bunch of us concerned about her. Let me know if you hear from her or know where she is. It's not like her to not be blogging. my email is Thank you so much.

Akelamalu said...

That's such a shame. I get so mad when genuine people are treated badly, especially when the not so genuine seem to get everything they ask for. I hope the CAB can get it sorted for you, I have everything crossed - including my eyes!!!

Audrey said...

Oh boy Ruth,when they get it wrong they get it wrong big style...Keep in mind your doing all the right things, your the one who is getting it right!!!

I know first hand the stress and anxiety caused by the sheer incompetence of these government departments; I mentioned before that I ended up contancting my MP who got things moving swiftly, apparently they stand up and take notice once they are involved.

I got all the money for the phone calls I had made refunded plus a small compensation for the stress and anxiety caused, though I would rather they had done things properly in the first place, as Im sure you would. That was the one phone call and letter that got results..

It will come together Ruth,in the meantime {{{{Hugs}}} and lots of Forca xxxxx Auds

Jenny said...

What a crazy, painful situation -- I'm so sorry you are going through this! I hope someone will listen to reason tomorrow!

Sheila said...

What a bugger..!
There seems to be no end to the incompetence does there.
I'll cross my fingers for you that come Monday it will all be sorted out.
Some years ago my aunt was in a similar position, when she added up her income she forgot 10 shillings a month she received from somewhere. When it was discovered, she was ordered to report back and explain what she spent it on..since she was existing on 'fresh air' at the time, she replied 'Riotous living..!"
I think I may have told you this before, but it shows the system hasn't improved, for all their computers etc.

CG said...

Oh Ruth...{{{{HUGS}}}} and xxxxx