Saturday, June 30, 2007


I received a letter from the Income Support Office; this is part of it;

as I've received two letters from them already stating when I claimed and have filled in a form stating why I am asking for it to be back dated.....isn't this a bit of a waste of time and money?

I also received a letter from the Tax Office...this wanted information as (quote)

"you are getting a pension, approaching state retirement age or a woman approaching 65"

eermmm...did I fall in a time warp???time races by
I'm only 55!!!... a few years to go yet. Not that I'd mind retiring...would save me the inevitable job hunting I'll have to face at some point.
a few more miles on the clock before I do this!

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RUTH said...

Please note that last animation in no way infers that retired ladies eat crisps and watch TV all day! It was just a fun animation.

Mousie said...

you sure it's a fun animation!!!???
she's a bit like me except I don't watch tv and eat crisps...but as reound as me...a funny very funny always manage to make us laugh! that's great
thank you Ruth

Morgen said...

I like the animation where she grows up, grows old, and then says "well that sucked"

Bout sums it up, eh?

RUTH said...

mousie; will pop over and check on you later
mogen; star of Blog Talk Radio...thanks for dropping by...I felt that animation said it all too!

CG said...

Oh, I loved both these animations Ruth.

Officialdom...that sucks!!

Allotment Lady said...

Taken in jest Ruth - how could anybody take offence at anything you say.

Audrey said...

Hmmm Ruth, given nine times out of ten the intro to phone calls state your call may be recorded for training purposes, youd think they would know the answers to the questions they ask, sometimes feel as if your being asked to do their job for the t.v and crisps Ruth Im all for one wise man in Portugal wrote recently dont hurry be happy, not a bad idea lol Auds

RUTH said...

Thanks CG; I do like finding these silly animations.
Lottie; that's so nice! thanks.
Auds; a wise man in let me think...who could that be?...LOL

Sheila said...

Ruth it's a make work project. Do every twice and the job lasts twice as long. Especially if you a contract worker..!
Maybe they will figure it out soon, i hope so..!

Gene Bach said...

Isn't dealing with the government fun? LOL!

Akelamalu said...

It's always the same with Government offices - The right hand doesn't know what the left hand's doing!