Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I really thought that yesterday would be a one off but I'm pleased to say that, although he has not been as chatty as yesterday, Mick has still managed a few odd words and one sentence. Mick's brother, Ron and sister-in-law, Brenda, came to visit and although Mick slept for most of their visit 'joy of joys' they did get to hear Mick say a couple of words. This was so great because, although Ron and Brenda visit regularly and Ron has phoned almost every day over the past 17 months, it must be a year since he heard his brothers voice.

Rocky must have followed Manda round tonight as he was waiting outside when she left. He popped in just to check we were all ok; had his usual scratch of the bottom stair and then walked Manda home. Isn't that just one of those "ahhhhh" moments.
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Have a God Blessed Week.