Friday, November 10, 2006


The chemist got the patches in really quickly. I read the leaflet and its seems you can use them to help combat travel sickness. That might be handy as the pavements around here are very bumpy. Poor Mick, sometimes I think he must feel like he's on some ride at a fairground. Definitely not very wheelchair friendly. Sudbury town spent a fortune putting down really stylish paving but every slab is sooooo bumpy and every now and again there is a drainage dip which the wheels get caught in.
I digress though; I'm supposed to be talking about the patches. You have to place them behind your ear on clean skin and leave them on for 3 days at a time. They are pink in colour - I guess it would be classed as flesh coloured but I'm not sure I've every seen anyone with skin that pink! As usual I read the leaflet re: side effects etc. I don't know why I put myself through this because more often than not the possible side effects seem worse than the condition to be cured!
Then again, even sleeping tablets have a warning on them "these tablets may cause drowsiness" - well I should HOPE so!
It's just a case of wait and see now. I must admit that last night Micks breathing was less noisy. Of course that meant I couldn't sleep. Yes I know it sounds silly but when Mick is breathing very noisily I can sleep - I guess in my dreams I can hear him so know he is ok. Well last night I just couldn't settle. I had to keep popping the little torch on, that I have next to bed, to check that his chest was still going up and down.

Back to the side effects; "these patches may make you feel drowsy, confused or dizzy and may affect your vision". Unfortunately these are things that are happening to Mick anyway so HOW will I tell? I shall have to rely on my woman's intuition. At least I haven't had to worry about;

  • Are you pregnant or planning to become pregnant
  • Are you breast feeding
  • These patches are not recommended for children under the age of ten

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Mile Stones said...

Hi Ruth & Mick,
Have you had a good day? Here, the summer returned yet again! Back to T-shirts and even eating lunch out on the main sqaure pavement. 75ยบ, very clear & calm, perfect photo light, but nothing in this town (Vila Franca de Xira, where those bulls were running) to shoot! After my self-medication of honey, lemon, clove and root ginger yesterday, I feel much better today.
Have I missed something? Why the patches? What do you want them to do, help the breathing? Ruth, I just saw your comments & went to your albums &....I was stunned! Great stuff!! Loved the skies, something I can also spend every day & night gazing at, shooting, as well as flowers. Flowers & skies are spectacular here, 'cos Portugal and around Lisbon in particular has a luminosity, an intensity like nowhere I know & flora like southern California. When there are clouds, they tend to be varieties of wispy, or billowy. At sunset it's magnificent, like last Saturday. All the Portuguese photo-bloggers are showing them this month. Today, no clouds, but a wonderful clear, going through all the shades of blue right now. i am so glad you like my photos. Often people say they make them feel better & I wouldn't ask for anything more. I am now going down to the hospitaql to meet a couple who's mother is back in there (it's like a concentration camp!). We became strong friends when my Mother-in-Law was there for her final 8 days in late Aug/early Sept. The mother was in the bed opposite and they were inspired by watching us caring - not that wewere aware of that, but we started talking after visiting one night. I was back there 2 night after Leonor died after receiving an incredible e-mail from them about how distraught they were over her passing away. A friendship likethat, in such circumstances, is a true serendipity - do you know this brilliant word?
One last thing: tell Mick that I - a 500% Spurs fan for life - hope that the Lions win every game they play from now on to make him feel better. Except if they play Spurs of course. And supporting Millwall's far better than Arsenal or Chelski.....oh the joy I'm still basking in after last Sunday! Ridiculous how something like that can pick you up so high. Kisses & best to you both.

goatman said...

I suspect that he knows. And I am sure he looks forward to your grace.
Peace to both of you.

Mile Stones said...

Ruth, can i ask you to go back to my post "A Late Welcome To November" to read my comment reply please.
Also, the new picasa album I just published tonight does not say so, but it is dedicated to you & Mick, because the flowers offer warmth.
A good peaceful weekend to you both and Come on, you Lions!