Wednesday, November 29, 2006


As Manda had such a wonderful moment with Mick yesterday I'm hoping that she will forgive me for showing Blogworld these photos. At the school that she works at they often have THEME days. Yesterday the theme was "Ancient Greece" so Manda duly dressed as a Greek Maiden.

The previous theme was "Pirates". She is very sweet and always pops in with her costume on so that we can have a good laugh! (didn't mean to say that honest Manda..... now where's that delete button)...........I meant to say - so that we can admire how well she looks in her costumes. I managed to get her to pose for this next one but she had forgotten to put her eye patch on. I don't know what Mick makes of it all. He may well be wondering what has happened to Manda's dress sense!!
Speaking of patches....(how's that for continuity!)...Mick's most recent patch was put on midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning. This was, almost to the second, two and a half days after the previous patch. Well (for those whose fingers are otherwise occupied) that means that his present patch would run out at 12 midday today. So far (and it's 2p.m. now) Mick's throat has not started to "mucus up" and he ate his lunch and drank tea with no problems. I am keeping my fingers crossed (now try doing that and typing at the same time!) that this means that we may be able to stretch the patch change until the full allotted 3 days.

Right I must wrap up for now as I have presents to wrap up.................(another play on words!.....I don't know how I do it for the money!!!!!)

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