Sunday, November 12, 2006


I AM ON SUCH A HIGH...............
TODAY HAS GOT BETTER AND BETTER.............................

Mick has now spoken FOUR times today.

  1. this morning (see previous post)

  2. at lunch time; he had a massive fart (excuse the indelicacy of this) and I joked "I'll name that tune in......................" and he said "ONE!"

  3. when Manda came round to help with his kitchenshower he said "HELLO!" to her

  4. when Leanne was speaking to him on the phone he said "YES!"

I really hope that the doctor will allow us to have more of the patches as it is quite possible that these wondrous words are due to the fact that

  • he is now able to drink more, therefore becoming less dehydrated

  • he is breathing easier, therefore more oxygen is getting to his brain

  • because he is not choking it up, he is getting more benefit from the steroids he has to take

Of course it may be nothing to do with the patches; it may just be one of those miraculous days. Even if tomorrow things go back to normal it must be so much less stressful to him (and me) not to be choking all the time.

A feel good photo. Melissa and Grandad. Mel's t-shirt says "That's it I'm calling Grandad!"

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Elsie said...

I am so glad for all of you, Ruth
and please tell your friends I will think of them as well in the coming days.

cute froggy!!

Stay well