Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Seeing Mick take his little peeks at the World Cup DVD yesterday reminded me of what a sporting guy Mick used to be. OK the last few years he has been more of a watcher but in his youth he played football and cricket; did some boxing; played pool for his local pub and was captain of one of the local darts teams. I remember a few months after we first met I was watching him play darts at one of the local pubs and he had a bit of an upset stomach. He wasn't sure that he was going to be able to play so I advised him to have a Port and Brandy to see if that would settle his tum. Well, six port and brandies later Micks stomach ache had gone but his speech was getting very slurred and he was getting slightly unsteady on his feet. The Port and brandies had been DOUBLES! and he still had his darts game to play! "Don't worry" he slurred "at the moment treble twenty looks a foot wide. You watch I'll get Man Of The Match for you." Secretly thinking that the chances of him getting through the match without falling over would be a feat in itself I just said "Oh that would nice darling" You may not believe this but here's a photo of the certificate to prove it - Mick DID get Man of the Match. Even managed a 170 finish! He did rather rest on his laurels the next day - in fact he spent the whole morning in bed with a raging hangover. Sweet memories though.

As I said previously the last few years Mick has given up active sport; especially since we have taken such an interest in gardening. Even now though he gives me moral support when I'm gardening and I always chat away to him when I'm doing anything. This morning it was cutting back and mulching roses. I so enjoy it when the weather is warm enough to have him outside with me. It seems to make the work so much easier.

P.S. A public thank you to Mousie for the flowers for Mick and I on her blog.

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Analia said...

Dear Ruth, it is said that everyday we learn something new; well today the lesson came from you and I will always appreciate it.
I was feeling little down lately, sometimes I think my world falls apart just because of a chain of minor problems and I want to give up. I had a very busy morning today, and spent most of the time complaining, running around the house and preparing my classes, so I took some minutes to open my blog and I saw your message.
I read again about your beautiful flowers, your garden and your hubby, but beyond all those things, I learnt about the strength you have to face each day of your life with such incommensurable love for your husband and your family no matter how rough the times are for you my friend.
Thank you.
I promiss I’ll write more in English in my blog because I know from time to time I have the gift of your visit

Mousie said...

you're welcome love, it's such a pleasure to chat with Mick and you from time to time
all the best

Mauigirl52 said...

Enjoyed the story about the port and brandies and Mick winning the match! Thanks for the laugh, I can picture the whole thing!

Glad your garden is still doing well. Ours is starting to look pretty seedy and it's not worth making any effort now because we are overdue for a hard freeze at this point. We're living on borrowed time with this 60+ degree weather here in New Jersey!

Ali said...

" ... "Don't worry" he slurred "at the moment treble twenty looks a foot wide. ..."

Had me in stitches.... great tale. The photos I shot for 'D is for' had G's 180 Club certificate against the door of the cabinet, but I cropped it out to get closer to the action!!! Proud as punch he was when he first hit 180 in a match.

A 170 finish though... wow.. G has never quite made that one, close, but not close enough.

Thx for sharing