Thursday, November 23, 2006


Regular visitors will wonder if they have dropped by the wrong blog. Don't worry this is what used to be "A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS". The last few weeks the title has been bothering me. Lately so much of what I have written has been about the good and positive things that have been happening. Perhaps at some point the old title will return but, for now, this will do.
Well with a new title I thought I would get a new template as well. You can't have new shoes without a new handbag - well so it is in Blogland! - isn't it?????
Of course I may do a bit of tweaking (my way of saying there may be a few cock ups!) but that's half the fun!
And if your wondering why I chose this template - it was for no other reason than I liked the name -"HARBOUR". All would-be psychologists read into that what you will!

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Mile Stones said...

That's a great, positive move Ruth!
I didn't want to say anything over these past weeks, but also harboured (sorry, your word!)a conscious feeling that it wasn't appropriate.
Why not go all he way & call it harbour then? Or haven, which is just poet-speak for the same thing?
Well done!