Thursday, November 30, 2006


Really this morning has been dealt with on Me, My Life so I won't repeat it. After all that fresh air Mick zonked out (zonked!! - haven't used that word for a while). No amount of coaxing would make him eat lunch but I wasn't too worried. He'd had a good breakfast and I knew he would wake when he was good and ready. I thought I would spend the afternoon getting some of my overdue chores out of the way. I got as far as making up the visitor's beds when the phone rang. It was my neighbour Sue; the one whose son-in-law had a stroke; "would you like me to bring over a cuppa" she said. Well decisions, decision,...HOOVERING or CUPPA?...HOOVERING or CUPPA?......................the CUPPA won!!!
I'm pleased to say that her son-in-law is recovering well and is home now. He has some more tests to be done and is another person who has fallen foul of the N.H.S. The poor chap spent 3 days in hospital without any food because they wanted to do an endoscopy on him and when the great day came the staff said "Oh we can't see you've been put down to have one" discharged him and told him to come back for the test in January!!!!
We spent about an hour chatting away; putting the world to rights. How Mick sleeps through it all I don't know. I've never been one for a "gossip" but it is interesting to hear all Sue's tales about some of the locals!!!!!!!!!................did you know that I mustn't tell......but it is juicy!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cooked some braised pork chops for dinner. My reckoning was that if the smell of food invaded the house for long enough Mick would wake up with a good appetite. It worked and he is, for the moment, eating and drinking well.

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