Wednesday, November 15, 2006

BACK TO NORMAL??????????

Although still quite alert in comparison to this time last week Mick has not been talking today. I have no complaints though; this time last week I never imagined that I would have days like the last few; this time last year I never imagined that I would still have Mick with me. The wonderful thing about the last few days is that it has put my mind at rest on so may fronts;
  • I know Mick still remembers me and the family
  • I know he can still understand what we say to him
  • I know that he is not worried or fearful of his present condition

and most importantly

  • I know he is not experiencing any great pain when I am dressing, moving him etc
  • He is definitely not choking so much

Looking at the title of this post has made me think "What is normal?". Our lives have changed so much in the last 17 months but so many things are still the same. Let's take an average lazy Saturday as an instance; one when we have no visitors, no outings or any shopping to do; let's compare that day to a similar Saturday two years ago.


give Mick morning cuppa in bed
treat Mick to breakfast in bed
Mick listens to Saturday sports radio
pop over shops for a newspaper
Mick and I do some gardening
listen to radio gardening programme
Mick watches sport on TV
after dinner snuggle and watch TV
Mick dozes off; bored with XFactor


give Mick morning cuppa in bed

Mick has breakfast in bed

put on Saturday sports radio for Mick

push Mick over shop for a newspaper

Mick sits in garden while I do gardening

listen to radio gardening programme

put sport on TV for Mick to listen too

after dinner snuggle with TV on

Mick dozes off; probably bored with XFactor

Not so very different. Maybe I should change the title of this post to "ANOTHER NORMAL DAY!"

Now back to this morning. Well what glorious weather. Warm and sunny. Although Mick hasn't been chatty he still seems quite alert so took him into the front garden and chatted to him while I pottered about. He did a lot of peeking and I had a few grunts of approval when I told him the odd little things I was doing. I was glad I'd only put a lightweight cardigan on Mick because I ended up just working in my t-shirt because it was so warm. All of a sudden a huge gust of wind blew Mick's cap off and the blue sky suddenly started to disappear so we made a hasty retreat back inside. We had been outside for over two hours so at the time of writing this Mick is having a well earned rest on his bed.

Rain on the way

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rangics said...

hello mam. It's indeed one of those ordinary days you and your hubby have. Keep it up and Godbless.

Mile Stones said...

I guess it's natural for you to take stock retrospectively. But then, we all do, at least I do. This time last year/2 years ago/10 years ago, etc. It never stops.
But what I want to say is that - hopefully - rather than itbeing a sign of Mick turning downwards, why can't he just being having his own off-day, like everyone has? There is no constant, static. Life is motion - of mood, not just action.
The photo is really a beaut. And I hope you don't get the rain that has returned here today, with wind & a vengeance! Awful. But in my personal 'Seige of Stalingrad' on the health front, today marked a sure upturn, meaning a run of 5 days' getting worse stopped. I have more energy. Thanks for finding time to support me too Ruth. People near & very far have been wonderful. It helps so much. But not the work, which I must get back to now. I saw that Millwall got through to the next round of the cup too & for the first time in my footie-life, I was 'over the moon'about that! Kisses, warmth, hugs!

Mauigirl52 said...

Hi Ruth, am just catching up with your blog and was excited to read about Mick's talkativeness in the last few days. It sounds as if the new patch is really helping him feel better and be able to talk to you. It must be a good feeling to know that he is still "in there" all along, which you knew anyway. But it's nice to hear him say things that prove it.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that Mick's talking continues!