Thursday, November 02, 2006



Such a silly little thing I know but it really gets my goat. We have one neighbour who whenever he sees Mick and I always says "Hello Ruth" or "Good morning Ruth" and totally ignores Mick. I know people find it awkward when presented with some one in ill health but it's not like Mick's going to engage them in an embarrassing conversation or any thing! I feel so sorry for Mick; he must wonder what he has done to offend this person (who he has known for years and done many many favours for) when they don't even say hello. I usually say to him "I think B... must have thought you were asleep and didn't speak to you" or "B... must have his wrong glasses on today and didn't spot you there".

It brings to mind an occasion a few years ago when I accidentally bumped into a young (obviously physically and possibly mentally impaired) man in a wheelchair. I crouched down and said "I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going". The young man didn't reply but the older man, pushing his chair, said to me "Thank you so much! It is so nice to find someone who doesn't think my son is invisible ".


P.S. Manda passed her First Aid course with flying colours.

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mousie/claudine said...

Hello Mick,
here's claudine, i'm bringing you some nice cool and sunny weather from the west of france...
I'm very happy to know all your family
see you

mousie said...

congratulations Manda
all the best from Grandma Mousie

Elsie said...

Hi Ruth

I think everybody who reads your blogs is starting to look at people and the world in general in a different way.
Tell Mick we had some lovely rain here in South Africa and maybe one day my garden will look as good as yours do.

Stay well