Thursday, November 23, 2006


Today started off so dismally weather wise and I thought we would be stuck indoors all day. Lo and behold the skies cleared and the sun shone through. I was glad we were able to get out. I needed to get Mick's prescription renewed for his steroids. Unfortunately our doctors surgery will not accept prescription renewals over the phone. This can be a bit of a bind as it means once a month either Mick and I, or one of the family, has to walk down to the surgery and put it in. More often than not I push Mick down so we can do it ourselves. Of course if the weather's very bad some poor soul (usually Chris) has to brave the elements and do it for us. Anyway, the day being warm for the time of year and sunny; I popped Mick in the wheelchair and off we went. I must say I'm not feeling too grand myself today (maybe I've caught a computer virus doing all that surfing last night- Ha Ha!); I've got what I call my jelly legs (ever since I was a child if I was getting a cold or anything I would always get wobbly, achy legs) but the journey is not too long and only ONE uphill bit so I'm glad to say I managed it.

The sun must have done Mick good. Although he didn't actually speak he was so alert when I popped him back on his bed for his pre-lunch nap. His eyes were WIDE open and he was really looking around. It's not something we often see; even if he's awake he normally keeps his eyes shut for most of the time. I didn't want the family to miss out on seeing this so took a photo.

Or better still WATCH THE VIDEO

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Mile Stones said...

Heeeelllllo R & M!
I read your last paragraph and was transported back vividly 3 months. Oh, that huge little victory, that joy of seeing those eyes open! To cherish.
But now it's my turn to tell you to take good care and don't let any bugs trip you up. DOSE UP NOW!