Saturday, November 11, 2006


Woke up to a beautiful sunny and quite mild morning. I said to Mick, whilst I was giving him his breakfast, that I thought a little outing was in order. Mick is eating and drinking very well since he has had the patch on. They are making his mouth dry but as he isn't troubled by the mucus he is finding it easier to drink now. Breakfast etc over I heard a text come in on my phone and it was Manda asking if we fancied a walk. That was marvellous because with two of us sharing the pushing it meant we would be able to have a longer walk. We decided to walk to Homebase; a few hills but not insurmountable.

Homebase, as with most shops, was full of Christmas decorations and I couldn't resist taking a photo of these cute little mice. Friends of Mousie's no doubt! The garden centre part was a little sparse due to the time of year though they did have a lot of Christmas Trees in pots. I bought a light up Santa that plugs into my computer and a pair of singing snowmen (well actually a snowman and a snow woman); they are holding hands and sing Christmas songs. Reminded me of Mick and I after a few Christmas drinks so I just HAD to buy them. No photos yet; you will have to wait until I put the Christmas decorations up before you see them!

Manda and Mick on the journey home A quick photo shoot outside the brewery

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Mile Stones said...

I just love the title, you wonderfully witty woman (another kind of www, lol!)!
I'm very pleased you could get out, and know what that extra pair of arm-muscles can do for the pushing - takes you from Reliant Robin to Hot Hatch, no?! Another small, great victory! Well done, that's the way!