Thursday, November 09, 2006


Regular visitors to this blog will have noticed that in the side bar I have a Moon Phase item. This isn't just because it's a fun thing to have on a blog; it is slightly more useful than that. Back when Mick was first diagnosed with brain cancer it seemed that every few weeks he would have a really bad sleepy "not Mick" week. Although for a few months he would have the odd conversation; during these weeks he would not say a word, his appetite would decrease, he would have more 'petite mal' type episodes and he seemed even more lethargic. It took some time for us to realise that these times seemed to coincide with the onset of a full moon. I had always known that the moon had an effect of the tides so wondered if it could have an effect on the fluids in the brain. There are so many web sites that explain about this; some of them far to scientific for me but if you're interested have a quick look at this one as I think it clearly shows how much the moon DOES affect the human race. Over the last few months this Moon Phase effect has not been as noticeable but that could be because of the tumor growth or maybe something to do with the time of year. I always have a look though when Mick is having a really bad week and watch out for werewolves!

I have tried to get some photos of the moon but my camera is not really up to the job; but here are a few of the better ones. It's probably better to click on them and see them full size.

This one's just for fun!

The man in the moon

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