Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Mick woke really early this morning; just before 5am. I made him a cuppa which he really enjoyed and then he dozed in and out for a couple of hours. I didn't bother to go back to sleep; I'm one of those people who once they wake up can't get back to sleep. I've always been like this; even if I've just had an hour and it's the middle of the night. I don't mean I'm not tired; I may spend the rest of the day yawning; but I just CAN'T get back to sleep! I had a cake I wanted to make ready for tomorrow so I thought I may as well make a start on that until Mick was properly awake and ready for breakfast etc. This I did and after Mick was breakfasted and dressed I thought it might be an idea to get some fresh air - by now my yawns had started - and so Mick and I went for a short walk over to the local shops. It was a little rainy; spitting with rain but quite mild. I don't have to worry too much about Mick getting wet because I have wheelchair cape for him. I took this photo of him while we were out -Yes he is under there somewhere!
I had hoped that Mick's dressings would be in at the chemists. I requested them from the doctor's surgery a few days ago. The chemist had had no notification so when we got home I made a quick phone call to the surgery to find out where they were. [I'd better explain in case it's something I've not mentioned before; because Mick's left arm is so tightly clenched to his chest it can cause a very sore pressure area on his chest, I use the dressings (which are slightly cushioned) to help counteract this.] The receptionist could find no record that the dressings had been ordered and luckily (because it would have meant getting Mick back off his bed and going out again) she agreed to take my request over the phone. Hopefully they will be at the chemists for tomorrow.
Manda popped in for her usual lunchtime cuppa and I'm pleased to say she was on the receiving end of one of Mick's special moments. She was about to leave to go back to work and gave Mick a kiss and said, "Bye bye. Love you" and Mick (who we thought was fast asleep) said "Love You". Moments like that are to be treasured.

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Mile Stones said...

Ooooh Ruth, it takes me back 3 months. If you have read my 'chronicle' through my Mother-in-Law's last weeks, you will understand immediately how that moment for Manda reached me. What that simple phrase can carry, in the circumstances. It has no price, but must be treasured. As it meant to me to hear Leonor unmistakably utter those words - in English! - "Night night". It elates you, doesn't it? I am so happy for you & Manda. AndMick deserves the biggest hug of all.

Ruby in Bury said...

Lovely moment, to be treasured indeed x