Tuesday, November 21, 2006


No funny stories or cute photos. The following extract is taken from the CANCER2020 appeal home page:

Cancer 2020: Plan it right, make it fair
Politicians need to start planning for the future today. With your help, we can urge them to plan it right and make it fair. An ageing population and major advances in cancer treatment mean that the number of people living with cancer is likely to rise. The impact of these changes could be huge.
Urgent planning is needed to ensure the NHS is ready for the challenges in cancer up to 2020 and beyond.
We want a commitment from politicians in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland that they will prepare now for the cancer challenges ahead. But planning alone is not enough. We want to see fairness placed at the heart of cancer services.
We believe that all cancer patients have a right to expect the latest and best possible treatments available, regardless of where they live
We believe that politicians must ensure their plans address the inequalities in cancer services and treatment
We believe that the NHS must be in a position to keep up with breakthroughs in cancer research

Please click on the link in my side bar and give your support. Don't let our story become your story.

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