Thursday, November 16, 2006

IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF LOVE................

Today is one of those typically rainy "will it ever get light days?". Although its only 10am it feels like 5pm as it is rainy, gloomy and miserable outside. Mick has had a few mumblings this morning and (get ready to say ahhhhhhhhhhhhh) he said "Love You" to me. Just typing that bought a lump to my throat. Not that I don't know he loves me; its just so good to hear him say it.
As the weather is so yukky, after dressing Mick I have sat him up in bed and put on some of our SPECIAL CDs. We always have music on in the house; sometimes a CD or sometimes the Classic Gold radio station (loads of golden oldies). Because I find it so emotionally challenging it is very rarely that I put on any our Micks and mine special songs. I feel selfish sometimes because I know that Mick loves them so much but, as at the moment I am having to be so emotionally strong, I can't often bring myself to listen to them. However, once in a while, on a day like today out comes Lionel Richie and Celine Dion. Mick and I have many songs that mean a lot to us but "Hello" by Lionel Richie is the most special. I will share the reason with you should you care to linger here a while.
After my first marriage broke up I got myself into a very bad and violent relationship. We women are inclined to do things like that when someone leaves us. We feel worthless and are apt to cling to anyone who shows us some attention even if it means putting up with some horrendous times. I guess probably men can go through the same thing but I am speaking purely from a woman's point of view. Anyway, I first met Mick whilst in this relationship. Wow how he made my heart flutter and knees tremble. He still does! We clicked immediately. Our outlook on life, sense of humour, everything just seemed right. I won't go into the ins and outs of it all but Mick saved my life; not only literally but emotionally and psychologically. One day, before Mick and I had expressed our true feelings to each other, he asked me to dance when "Hello" was playing. It's a great feeling being safe in someones arms. He sang the whole of the song into my ear and we really enjoyed the "grindy" bit. I blush just thinking about it! He put a special intonation on the words "I love you". Manda was there at the time (still at school girl - how time flies!) and she whispered to me "I think someones trying to tell you something!". How right she was. Our relationship went from strength to strength from there.
Gotta have a wee break now, bit emotional!

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