Saturday, November 25, 2006


It's ok you can put the tissues away. It's been a S....A....D..... day not a SAD day. I had intended to do so much today but ended up having a Sit And Daydream day.
Thanks to the new patch being put on Mick ate and drank well last night. He woke up at midnight and had some rice pudding! Naturally this meant he had a lie in this morning and didn't wake until gone 8a.m. This late start meant it was nearly 11a.m. before eating, washing and dressing was finished.
I had intended to start wrapping some of the Christmas presents today; yes I know it's still only November but half the living room is in the upstairs bedrooms and I have no where to HIDE things from prying grandchildren's (and adult children's!) eyes - at least if they're wrapped no one knows what's in them. OOps, not that there IS anything in them - I just wrap empty boxes which Santa fills with presents IF the children have been good!
Back to what I was saying; I thought I had better tell Mick some of the ideas Santa had told me about for presents for people. He was quite alert and his grunts of approval told me that Santa had had some good ideas. Now all this took a while and then it was lunch time - no boxes wrapped!
In the afternoon Mick had a couple of really good minutes. I made him some orange juice and he wasNOT impressed. He really grimaced when he tasted it. I said "Would you prefer strawberry milkshake" and he said "That would be better!". He really enjoyed the milkshake and I said "I'm glad you're drinking well because you've got quite dehydrated" and he said "Oh!, Have I?" - no boxes wrapped!

He went straight to sleep after that and the rest of the afternoon just disappeared as I sat there holding his hand and day dreaming - remembering all the wonderful Christmases we have had together and looking forward to (hopefully) another - albeit quieter - one. Who knows; maybe Mick was too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - no boxes wrapped!

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Jenny said...

Sometimes we need those peaceful days of daydreaming, don't we? I am so busy, so much of the tim e -always being "productive." Once in a while my body and brain grind to a halt. I used to feel guilty and anxious about it - now I know if I take a day to do nothing much, I'll be refreshed and re-energized the next! I'm glad the patches are helping so he can communicate a little more!

Analia said...

You know...I always come to see how are you and Mike doing. I might not leave messages as I should, but I do come... and everytime I do it, I feel blessed cause no matter how busy you are or how difficult your day was, you still have time for us. I admire you so much and I'm so happy Mike has such a wonderful partner in his life. Ani

(Mike was right, strawberry milshake is much muche better mmmm, can I have some?)

Analia said...

hehe I've changed the name of Mick!!! I guess I'm still sleepy, I'll take a nap roght now

Mile Stones said...

Good idea, A! Ruth I am so amazed that you find the time to do everything you have to do & want to do, I would reckon that if you can find the time, there can't be many people around more deserving of a S.A.D. day.
I think if I was an "elected rep" to the EU, or in the U.N. (as if! :-)))), I would lobby hard for a credits system, like in the Kyoto accords. By this, all the people around the worlds with too much time to S.A.D. would be oblgied to give their excess as credits to all the even more people who don't have enough time, but need it.
And now we can all see clearly why I'm never gonna be an elected rep!