Sunday, November 12, 2006


What a wonderful start to the morning. As Mick had his patch put on on Friday we did not give him his kitchenshower as we didn't want to risk the patch getting wet and coming off. He is due for a fresh patch tonight so are doing his shower this afternoon. Over breakfast I said to Mick, "I think this afternoon I'll take you into the kitchen and give you a nice hairwash and freshen up. May even give the naughty bits a freshen up". He turned his head towards me, opened his eyes and said "WHO, ME?". Choking back tears of joy I said "Well you don't think I'm gonna strip of any other guy and start messing with his privates do you?" I swear he smiled when I said that!
Now the lows......... My dear friend Sue, from across the road, popped in this morning. Her son-in-law (only 37) has had a stroke. He doesn't drink or smoke and is not overweight. Naturally she is very upset. It seems it was touch and go for a while in the ambulance to the hospital. He is now managing to speak and shuffle to the toilet but will have to undergo a lot of tests to see what the problem is. Naturally, with her being so involved with us, she is very worried that he may have a brain tumor. I tried to console her by explaining that Micks tumor is very rare (in the pineal gland) and that in many circumstances brain tumors are operable with great success. Hopefully it wont be a tumor; in fact let's be positive - IT WONT BE A TUMOR!. It was strange talking to her because you would think that being in the situation that I am that I would know all the right things to say to her, to help her through this worrying time. It wasn't like that though; even I was lost for words. I wish there was something I could do to help; even it was just looking after her grandchildren for a while so that she and Tom could have some private time with their daughter and son-in-law, or maybe get some shopping in for them or something...anything!!!!. Alas that would all be impracticable so I hope that a cup of tea and a shoulder to cry on will be of help to her.

Had to have a CHEER UP pic

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Mile Stones said...

Re.good news: the small victory that is a great one.
Re. bad news: my view on relationships that we believe matter to us is that there are likely to be trials tests at some time or other. It is not just about 'fair weather', sadly. How we, or our friends & other loved ones respond when the trial comes along is what determines the strength, value & quality of the relationship. So, given your circumstances, if you can only give what you offer in your last sentence, you will be passing your test with flying colours for your neighbours. The fact that you would wish to do more if you could should not cloud that fact.
Look around you Ruth, and ask yourself, has everyone who was called upon -with our without being asked - passed their test with regard to Mick & you? If you can answer "Yes", then you are indeed a rare, lucky and rich person.
Meanwhile Spurs - back down to earth.Me - I want Jenny to express her homer-made chicken soup. Feel in dire need tonight! Kisses xxx

Mousie said...

it's so difficult to find words sometimes, especially when you're deeply involved...but you know I think a shoulder to cry on, two armas around you and a friend's voice is so important...that what sue needs...give her my love as well
and hope everything will be better...
love from Mousie

Anonymous said...

your happiness photo is just great!!!

RUTH said...

Sue said to thank you for your good wishes