Sunday, December 10, 2006


It was only a few hours ago I wrote "Buck up Ruth". Well I've"bucked up".

  • First I read MS comment on "More this and that". The idea of "Angels Pigeonhole" really made me laugh. Make sure you read it Angela!!! Really waiting with bated breath for MS's next post on his blog. I think it's going to be not only special but also "IMPORTANT".
  • Then Leanne text to say that Rob (my baby boy; 6ft and more!) is going to be able to make it to the family gathering we have been trying to plan for the 22nd. There will be too many for me (at the present time) to cook a big roast dinner for but Chris is going to do one of his chillis and Lynn is going to provide all the accompaniments and tiddly bits so I reckon it will be a "CHILLI FEST AND THEN SOME!!".
  • Mick has managed ALL his dinner and a WHOLE bottle (sports) of orange squash laced with Movicol.

All is well in my little world once again. Just need a good entry in Log of Logs and I'll be singing to my self "What a wonderful world." ........................................

Kirsty made this Nativity out of an old box, some of her hamsters sawdust and some of Mels' little dolls.

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Mile Stones said...

Back to the Angel's Pigeonhole...
having just read that it and everything else has bucked you up,can I suggest that if you haven't already, churn out a few verses of Satchmo, but stay away frommy post for now, as I don't want it to bring you of all people down again, right?
Night-night! Dream sweets!

Anonymous said...

Ah ha first pepper steak with a sprinkling of garlic plus STILTON hmmmmmmmmmm now another of my all time favourites....CHILLI....Get the ponchos and sombrero's on Ruth....lets party...long swishing skirts,much swirling and stomping of feet....get those hands clapping wildly above the head...Sorry got a bit carried away there.
I went to a 'Pink party' last night, my partner wore a very fetching vibrant pink t.shirt,pink tracky bottoms and wait for it ....A lovely set of pink beads around his neck...... Clashed rather loudly with his lip gloss otherwise he carried the look well..I do have photographic evidence that may come in useful at a later date...Much strawberry tequila was consumed in the process and pink champagne...dont think I have the energy to pass wind just now never mind anything else, but the spirit is willing....Keep smiling- you really are a very special lady

Sleep well