Friday, December 08, 2006


First of all Thank you everyone for commenting on my "Steak" meal last night. I certainly feel a lot better today!!! Mile Stones has kindly translated the name of the wine for me; "It is called The Devil's Pigeonhole!". I really laughed at that; sounds much better than "It was £2 off in Tesco's so thought I'd give it a try!"

A quick word to Audrey - Do you have a blog yourself I could visit?. You've left some great comments and would like to repay the compliment.

We spent a quiet day in today - well I say quiet but actually it was quite noisy this morning. I had a few parcels to wrap that have to be posted, so it was a brown paper and parcel tape job. Mick was sitting in his armchair watching me and I could almost see him flinching at the noise I was making with the parcel tape gizmo I was using. Luckily there were only a couple to do.

Bit worried at the moment. Looking back at the "log of logs".......well it's been a while. I can see a prunes and Syrup of figs day is on the agenda. I shall leave it until after the weekend though; these things are more likely to "come to pass" when we don't have visitors as I am sure Mick tries to "hold" things when the grandchildren are about.

Manda managed to get a nice looking cake from the School Christmas Fayre and it has saved me rushing to get one cooked myself.

She has also bought me home one of the items the class has made to sell at the Fayre. One of the teachers had given her a lot of notebooks to "do something with" and she had racked her brains trying to think of an idea. Between us we managed to come up with this Shopping Basket idea to hold the notebook and pencil.

It's made out of empty cereal boxes, the shape cut out, hole punched and stitched with ribbon.

Mick had one of his bad choking fits at dinner time. The new patch is due at midnight. Well it's only a few hours away so have YET AGAIN put it on early.

It was another lovely sunset tonight. I missed the best of it as the batteries needed changing in my camera but managed to snap these shots before the sun disappeared.

A very strange moon tonight. Somewhat U.F.O.-like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mile Stones said...

You UfO hoaxer, Ruth! We can turn the moon into the weirdest shapes if we shoot at too slow shutter speed and hand held. My favourite was one very clear July night from Hampstead looking down to the centre of London, when I managed to produce a perfect heart shape. Where can that pic be now? Maybe Ana's got it....And today, when I almost got run over at the crossing outside, the driver sheepishly apologised & I heard myself yell out in English (as I tend to do on such occasions here) "you can shove it up the devil's pigeonhole!" It made ME feel better at least.
Is there any time limit as to how long Mick can have these patches? Thanks so much for your comment today. I now know that the guy deserves some credit for what he's trying to do. And I learned that he DOES know what war is all about.
Have a beautiful weekend xxx

Mauigirl52 said...

Hi Ruth,
I finally figured out why the link to your blog "Me My Life My Garden" on my blog didn't work. I had http twice instead of www. Picky, picky. Anyway, now it works and I should also add the link to this one.

Love your alien being picture!

Reading your Thursday entry, I totally agree about the roast potatoes. Same thing with baked - they need to be baked in the oven till the outside is nice and dry and almost papery but the inside nice and fluffy and well-cooked. Microwaved baked potatoes just don't make it.

I love a good rump roast...think I'll go get one and cook it for dinner tomorrow!

Best to you and Mick!