Tuesday, December 19, 2006


When I was typing up the Dingbat section of the Quiz last night I realised just how much I am enjoying blogging. So many new friends from all over the world each with their own special qualities and insights on life. In the early days I blogged just to keep a record of these special days that Mick is giving me; days which 18 months ago I never imagined we would spend together. I never thought I would have people "dropping by" to read my words AND comment on them. So much support and comfort from so many lovely people; I feel humbled that as you go on with your busy lives you still find time to visit. I didn't worry about "moderation or approval" of comments. I figure that if someones life is so sad that they feel a need to write something unsavoury..............well let them............I only have to look at my darling Mick, fighting to see yet another Christmas,to know that anything they say can never hurt me more than the pain I have deep inside my heart. My blogging keeps me cheerful too. Sometimes I sit down to write about something quite mundane and find that as my fingers hit the keys there is humour there; humour that I had not realised until I start to type. I read back sometimes and even have a giggle myself.....laugh and the world laughs with you. If I hadn't blogged these situations I would have dwelt on them and become morose.........instead I'm smiling!!! Mick would approve of that; he has always had a smile on his lips and a song in his heart. I do tell him about my blog. I say it is a diary of our garden; and tell him the names of all the people who drop by to have a look..........knowing how proud he is of our little garden I know he would be happy to think that that people all over the world are getting to see it.
When Mick was first ill he was awake far more and I would be able to sit and chat to him about all the silly little things like the weather or tonight's dinner. He sleeps so much more now and I miss those endless (albeit) one sided conversations. But you my dear blog friends listen to it all. I read some blogs so full of deep and profound thoughts and think........there's me blogging about bakewell tarts, bowel movements and frosty weather yet people still read it!!!!!

It's surprising how close I can feel to people as they drop into my life and share their joys and tribulations and innermost thoughts on life. Sometimes if someone who regularly posts has not done one for a few days I start to feel concerned. As when Analia was off line for a while.....I kept dropping by her blog thinking I hope she's OK..................speaking of which........Ruby where are you?..........Gledwood where has your blog gone?

Yes Blogfriends are a very special kind of friend. I share your world with you and you ask nothing in return. You allow me to travel the country and the world with you without a ticket. You allow me to explore new horizons and ponder on new thoughts. You remind me that there is a world "out there" beyond the view from my front door; a world that at the moment I cannot be a part of.

Blogfriends are honest too.....you blog and comment freely without care of what people may think....after all it's not like being faced with someone in the flesh so to speak; too often in life we hesitate to give a point of view for fear of rejection. Very often we Blogfriends don't even know what each other looks like..........I mean you probably don't realise I'm a 6ft stunning Norwegian blonde with a figure to die for..........just realised there are photos in my side bars!!!!.........ah but you don't know if that's REALLY me!!!!

A blessed thing it is for any man or woman to have a Blogfriend, one human soul whom we can trust utterly, who knows the best and worst of us, and who loves us in spite of all our faults.
- ( I'm sure Charles Kingsley would have put the Blog bit in if he was still alive today)

I hope you all find something you like in the music I've put on. If you're fed up with hearing Maria Carey everytime you come visit just use the fast forward control till you find something you like. The compilation may change during the week IF time allows.


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Mousie said...

it's so true everything you say about blogging, how it helps us to face difficulties, to sort out ideas...and when something painful is written, it's not so painful after...and we feel so free between us...actually we have no age no figure no social position, we're bloggers, sharing their life...and we learn so much by visiting other people that way...
I love you very much Ruth and Mick

Jenny said...

I appreciate your post today especially - I"m surrounded by loved ones and friends yet sometimes it's only my blogfriends that assuage my loneliness! And yes, it's your humour that is so very remarkable and encouraging - I'm glad it's the process of blogging that has helped you find it within yourself! When we can laugh

Audrey said...

What a beautiful post Ruth............I often wonder if you realise how much you give to others through your blog.......Its quite profound that each day I visit I leave with a smile and a heart thats lighter...........I imagine your home has always been a place of friendship, the warm and welcoming hearth...Your blog to me is a testament of the everyday courage and quiet unassuming power of love

Peacefully warming by your fire x

Mile Stones said...

Everything does have a right time & its right place. Go against that rule and it goes wrong.
This morning - not yesterday or the day before - was the right time to read your priceless piece of writing. Now I sit & type together with your sunrise & a falling star that I wish I could catch & put in my pocket & with the real sunlight pouring through my window, but I'm struggling to hold down the turbulence of my emotions. You wrote & launched arrows of simple, pure, noble goodness - no, greatness - that fly across the planet with pinpoint accuracy. Their honesty carries them from bow to bullseye and strikes home to the heart.
Ruth, this place is, and YOU moreover, everything that Jenny & Audrey have already written. But for me personally (coincidentally? fortuitously), you mean more. Jenny can testify because she was there with me every day & night of our struggle in its last weeks through August. When it ended on 4th September, she was the first person I mailed to let her know, ahead of my 'flesh & blood' family & friends. So she probably more than anyone will know just what I recognise, appreciate, admire, see and love in what I have found here in you.
Gandhi, Churchill, Lincoln, Mandela all universally acclaimed as great figures. Ruth, you are great in that sense ahead of any & all of them. Because you are today, you are flesh & blood, you are 100% 3-D and because notihng is spared. It's all here, the campaign, Mick's own greatness, the ups and downs, the dirt which knowledge & experience cannot hide, as much as strive to exclude it from us with sensitivity. And the bakewell tarts. And reigning over all of that is one word: the powerful, beautiful truth of LOVE. Love with no borders, no limits, no maybe's; love in all its rainbow of colours, its music of tears & of laughter;love in every word & syllable & letter;
love that nourishes strength and strength that nourishes love.
Love that makes us who see & feel it gasp & smile with sheer wonder; love that spreads around these spheres that bind us like a perfect, pure, enriching honey.
In brief, love that brings love and makes us all love more.
Yes, I can say it openly, sincerely & proudly, Ruth: I do love you. But you can tell Mick he has nothing to worry about, as I love & admire him too. Go on, go forward, have great days, many more great days. XXXXXXXX

Mile Stones said...

PS - I also wanted to endorse Mousie, she must not feel left out of what I just wrote. Mousie, you are also spot-on, ma Chèrie! xxxx

RUTH said...

To you all; thankyou all for your moving comments. I do not deserve such praise though I humbly accept it. I do no more than so many others all over our world do for their loved ones; My circumstances are so much easier than those who have to defy man's inhumanity to man; those who have to deal with nature's wrath; those who battle their own health problems; those who have not been granted the "extension" of time with their loved one that I have. So I accept your comments of praise not just for myself but for all the other "me's" throughout our lands and (who knows) maybe beyond.
With love

Analia said...

Oh my!! how could I miss this such a soul-touching post!! Ruth my friend I loved every single word you said and I agree with all the comments you got. You know, during those days I couldn't post I thought that you may have been worried about me...and now I know you really care for me....what can I say that hasn't been said before....I can only repeat it "I LOVE YOU my dear firend" and I admire you in so many ways...and yes, be humble, that's what makes you even better person, but let us tell you that for many of us, for me,you are a great blessing. Ani

Stjernesol said...

When you write you connect with people in a whole different level and it's so nice to "meet" people from different places - all joyed together in a blog community...

I really liked this post!

RUTH said...

Thank you Stjernesol I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Kilroy_60 said...

I can't tell you how pleased I am that you chose to share this post in the carnival! It's touching in so many ways.

Should you make it by The Gonzo Papers and find interest, it would be great to do a link exchange.

All the best to you.