Saturday, December 23, 2006


As with all our family gatherings there is always that unexpected "Tena lady" moment. Out of the blue something so funny happens that we laugh and laugh and laugh with tears running down our faces and almost wetting ourselves.. These are the moments that will be recollected year after year; and even just thinking about it brings a smile to our faces. Such is was last night.

Mine and Mick's particular tipple is a brandy and coke (not the posh brandy). I'd run out of brandy about a month ago but had ordered some in ready for last nights festivities. After we had eaten; the chilli was magnificent by the way....well done Chris; and the washing up was cleared away we all settled down to have a few drinks and a good old "chin wag". Lynn was in the kitchen preparing some drinks and Chris came and asked me what I would like. "Brandy and coke please" I said, really looking forward to one after my month of abstinence. Chris went out in the kitchen, prepared my drink and bought it in saying "Can you just have a sip and make sure I've made it strong enough".......I took a little tasted awful.......thoughts rushed through my head.....had Tesco changed the recipe of their brandy?......had my taste buds been burnt by the chilli?...........even worse were they finding brandy and coke repellent!!!!...........I smile sweetly at Chris and said (not wishing to offend him by saying the drink was disgusting) "yes that's fine thanks". For the next hour I had wee sips of that one drink; hoping my taste buds would relent and allow me to once again enjoy my favourite drink. I had nearly finished it when Lynn called me into the kitchen. She too had decided to have a brandy and coke. "Mum" she said, "Is this brandy OK, it tastes a bit funny"........I looked at the bottle and......................


This is the area in the kitchen with all the various bottles of spirits

This the brandy bottle Lynn had given to Chris to use to make my drink;


All day I've had a tremendous urge for FISH AND CHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mile Stones said...

Another piece of hilarious, slapstick brilliance? How can anyone not laugh themsleves wet in that house?????????????