Thursday, December 28, 2006


It had seemed liked ages since Mick and I actually stepped out into the outside world. I looked back through my blog and the last time was on the 17th of December; and that was only to pop over the local shops to get some eggs. Last night Manda asked if we fancied going out today as she too felt in need of some fresh air and exercise............well I jumped at the chance and we decided that today we would go into town. Luck was with us weatherwise; although it had rained during the night and was still very overcast it actually felt quite mild. That first gulp of fresh air did me the power of good....I think I may have even done a little skip!!!
I couldn't believe how empty the roads were.

I think this is the nearest we've been to town since the end of October!

Either this poster has been up for well over 20 years or it's NOT me!

Past the Monkey Puzzle monkeys though !
I love this giant snow globe; if we only had room for it. .....
This is a new market stall since we were in town last; signs painted while you wait!

A lovely sound of Pan Pipes in the air

Even in the town there was hardly anyone about. I had expected the place to be crowded with shoppers snapping up SALE bargains. I managed to pick up a couple of Christmas decorations for NEXT year at half price. No pictures of'll just have to keep visiting until next Christmas to see them!!! The best thing I bought was a fibre optic ornament similar to the white Christmas tree that had broken. The great thing is this is not just Christmas orientated so Mick will be able to enjoy it looking at it all year.
The photo doesn't really do it justice; but if you squint a bit and imagine the strands flickering and changing colour you'll get the idea!
We were really lucky and there was room on the bus so we didn't have to walk home.

And a beautiful sunset to finish the day off nicely.

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Audrey said...


I too enjoyed your trip out, it made me so aware of the little things I can sometimes take forgranted.....The fibre optic ornament looks lovely, I personally find them so peaceful and relaxing to watch, Im sure both you and Mick will enjoy it..People up here are still very much in shopping mode its amazing just how busy the streets still are

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog Ruth

Hope you and Mick have a lovely day xx Audrey