Friday, December 15, 2006


Yesterday afternoon I decided that as far as Micks bowel movements (or LACK of them) were concerned I was going to have to resolve the issue before he became "impacted". Armed with 3 bottles of Movicol, 1 suppository, latex gloves and a bucketful of determination I got to work. After three and a half hours of rocking, rolling, upping, downing, coaxing, hoist swinging and painful groaning we finally had a result. WHAT A RELIEF both for Mick and I!!!!

I really thought that after all that effort my darling would crash out in exhaustion and sleep through dinner but I was wrong. I think his efforts had given him an appetite. I was so pleased that I had cooked one of his favourite dinners - LIVER AND ONIONS BRAISED IN RED WINE - how he enjoyed it!!! I hadn't made any for myself - this dish has always been one that Mick himself would cook for us and (I know it sounds silly) I just knew that it held too many special memories of Micks culinary expertise for me to be able to enjoy it now that he is no longer able to cook it himself. After dinner Mick did finally crash out and slept until well after 9am this morning.
As I hadn't eaten at dinner time I was feeling quite peckish and so before Manda came round I text her to ask if she would wear clothes appropriate for her going over to the Chinese Take Away for me. I guess I'd better explain this!...(sorry Manda but the world is about to hear your little secret).....Manda ALWAYS comes round to help me get Mick ready for bed in the evening (unless Lynn or Leanne are here to help) and now that the evenings are dark she always puts on her pyjamas before she leaves home. Scurrying through the dark streets I don't think anyone notices but it would be quite embarrassing for her to go into the BRIGHTLY LIT Chinese take away in her RUPERT BEAR STRIPEY NIGHTCLOTHES!!!!!!!!!
Being suitably dressed she went and got me a Chicken Chow Mien and Duck Cantonese Style. The young Chinese guy serving gave her a "goodie" bag to bring home to me. It was really exciting delving inside to see what was in in it. It contained a sealed bag of prawn crackers, a Christmas card, a beautiful bamboo 2007 calendar and 2 Fortune Cookies. I was really pleased; the picture on the calendar is so fantastic ............wasn't that a lovely gift?

While Manda was over the shop Rocky popped in to say hello. He did his usual scratch of the bottom stair

Had a nice wash and then settled himself to wait for Manda to get back

The Chinese was lovely; I did let Manda have a little of my duck but must admit I wasn't exactly overgenerous with it.

After Manda had gone I chose one fortune cookie for me and one for Mick. Mine said "A LOVING HEART IS THE BEGINNING OF ALL KNOWLEDGE" and Micks said "THE MORE YOU KNOW THE LESS YOU NEED TO SAY"'s clever the way that a fortune cookie always seems to relate. It's a bit like our book;

Have you ever had one? In case you haven't let me's a book containing pages of one have to hold the book in your hands; think hard about your question and then open the book at whichever page you FEEL you should open.........and there's your answer! I'll give you an example.......

I'm going to hold the book in my hands and ask the question "Will anyone read this post?"......................................................................I've opened the book and the answer is "IT SEEMS ASSURED"................and as you're reading this post it proves the book is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If any of you have a question you would like answered please leave it in the comment box with your name and I'll put the answer in the box for you to see. Be prepared though; the answer may not always be the one you WANT to hear.

My, my!!! this has been a long post............I hope you're still awake...............perhaps I'd better ask the book...................that's good says "THERE IS REASON TO BE OPTIMISTIC"

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Mile Stones said...

Wow!!!! After all that! Aaaw, Ruth! That's what Ben has been trying to get into my post! It's so wonderful. I thought of it last Saturday, dug out the album "Freedom" and listened to it all weekend, driving, at home.
I'm going to add a note into the post straightaway. Do you like it?
I'll be back to read your post in the morning. And to listen again. Sorry, too tired now.

Mauigirl52 said...

Hi Ruth,
I like your book of answers. It reminds me of the old "8 ball" that we had back in the early 70's. I guess they still have them. You ask a question and shake the ball and turn it over and in the little window there is a cube in black ink that has answers on it; when one side of the cube floats to the surface you read it and it says things like "Reply hazy, try again later" or "It is assured" or other yes-no answers. I suppose you've seen those too?

Am listening to Neil Young as I'm writing - I know from Miles' blog why it is posted here. I don't know how to post music, I'll have to learn. Best wishes to you both.

Audrey said...

So glad Mick is fine,its important..memories flood back of green soap enemas when I was nursing way back too many years ago..not pleasant.
Ahh the book of answers!!!...I must admit If I dont like the answer I cheat and shut and open the book again...Lol..sometimes more than once,now Im wondering what that says about me!!
Isn't Rocky lovely

Warmest wishes to you all

Anonymous said...

I ASKED THE BOOK WHAT THAT SAID ABOUT YOU!.........."MOVE ON" was the answer. Quite appropriate I think.....move on and follow that dream?