Saturday, December 23, 2006



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Mile Stones said...

Oh my! Still 3 days to go & already a houseful! Ruth, I have a question on need of answering re the family:I'm confused (but I like this Ch. de B, BTW!), is Lynn the same Lynn who lives in France & writes great French? And what is the connection with Mousie? Or I am round the wrong Xmas tree altogether?
How does Mick respond to all the people? And how is Sue's situation?

RUTH said...

Hi MS, One day I must do a family tree. Lynn lives in Surrey, England; no connection that I know of to French Lynn. Mousie is, like you, someone who dropped into my blog one day and continued to visit; supporting me with her sweet words. Sue's son is out of hospital; further tests to be done in the New Year at Papworths Hospital; there is a chance he may have a small hole in the heart which hopefully can be repaired by keyhole surgery. Knowing Mick as well as I do I know he will have enjoyed having so much of his family around him; he often responds to the sound of a voice esp. the grandchildrens. I hope all is stable with your life at the moment.
With Love