Saturday, December 02, 2006


Woke up this morning with a stinking cold. Had to come sometime I guess. I've been really lucky the last 18 months and managed to shake off most bugs. Lynn arrived as Mick was having his breakfast and she too has a terrible cold. Worse than mine. The strange thing is that Mick; who I thought was definitely coming down with something, seems a lot better today. He has eaten well with no really bad choking or coughing fits. The penicillin must have kicked in really quickly because it's now over 3 days since his present patch went on but the mucus hasn't started to build up yet.

As Lynn and I were feeling so under the weather we had quite a lazy day. In fact when Mick had his after lunch doze we both fell asleep too!

Lynn and Daddy having bo-bos

Mick really enjoyed the steak and Guiness stew that Lynn bought down with her. As Lynn had been extra busy Steve was the one who had actually cooked it; and it was scrummy! Even with my cold I managed seconds! Poor Lynn couldn't taste it all; such a shame. Nicole and Manda came round in the evening and as there was plenty of stew and veg left Nicole happily tucked into a plateful herself.

Nicole enjoying the stew

We have spent a pleasant evening alternating between X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing; Lynn and I getting through plenty of tissues and Beechams and Mick peacefully dozing.

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Mauigirl52 said...

Hi Ruth,
Glad Mick didn't get a bad cold as you and Lynn did. I hope you all feel better very soon!

I see your blog has changed since I checked it last - annoying that it's not letting you put up your photos! I have problems sometimes with the original Blogger site myself so I haven't dared do the Beta version yet!

Feel better soon!

RUTH said...

Managed to put the photos on now. So for the moment blogger gremlin on it's best behaviour!

Ruby in Bury said...

Blogger's been really playing up recently - I couldn't upload pics either, till yesterday.

Lol Ruth, reading your blog always makes me hungry. Nicole looks like she's enjoying that stew!

Lovely peaceful photo of Lynn and Dad having a nap!