Tuesday, December 12, 2006




Mick had his haircut and kitchenshower last night and slept really well. I had been expecting some coughing during the night as his patch was due at midnight but so far he seems to be coping so shall leave it for a while.

As he was peacefully settled I thought I'd have an early night myself as I was feeling so tired (Yes Haircut 100 did make a song called SO TIRED). I thought I'd just do a quick Blog runaround and see how Jen was (bushfires), drop into MileStones and see if he had any further comments on his thought provoking photograph and then maybe a quick hop into Ruby on my way back home. What a fruitless task. Every blog I tried to get into wouldn't load!!!! Very frustrating!!! I thought that as I had turned the computer on I would just do ONE more card insert for my home made Christmas cards. Well one insert turned into two; and two turned into three......................and the next thing I knew it was TWO O'CLOCK in the morning!!!!!!!!!! So much for an early night...................more an early morning. The good thing is though I have at last got all cards and inserts printed. Just the cutting, glueing and sticking left.
I've also today written out all the shop bought neighbours and distant family cards. In a bit of a quandary here...............Do I send cards to the work mates Mick had who have since his illness completely ignored him!!!!!!!!....................More than that though do I send cards and presents to the FAMILY members who have found it easier to stick their heads in the sand and wipe Mick from their lives........................one being a SON and daughter-in-law (Micks side of the family) who despite living 7 miles down the road have not phoned, text, sent birthday card or Father's day card to Mick over the last 14 months. I find it difficult to comprehend people like this.........I understand people wanting to stay away because they find the whole situation too upsetting......but to not even contact to see how he is; to see if he is still alive!!!!!!!!!!!..........to not even offer to help externally!!!!!!!!! a little shopping done or something?????????? To not even give Mick a chance to see his newest grand daughter who he doted on!!!!!!!!!!! So sad. Not that I have any complaints or anger about it. My energy for that ran out a LONG time ago. And the family and friend who HAVE stayed by us MORE than make up for the MISSING few. To be honest although in my heart I want to send everyone a Christmas wish I really think that from a financial point of view I would rather spend the extra on those who have BEEN there for us. Or maybe give some money to a charity instead; as MileStones has so poignantly reminded us there are many needy people in this world.

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Anonymous said...

Ruth, good to read that Mick is sleeping well and the coughing is not too troublesome as you write...Mick looks good with his new haircut...Your really are quite inspirational in your approach and attitude towards life...so down to earth.

This is the third time I have tried to leave a comment,however murphys law may have it that all the other attempts will appear as well LOL

I have started a blog WOW!!!! says terrified of computers..Wish me well its a challenge!!!!

Hope you got enough rest after your early morning and love the xmassy additions to your blog the christmas tree and falling snow

Take care and keep on smiling

janzjottings said...

Hang on in there, Ruth, and don't waste you thoughts on those who don't deserve them

janzjottings said...

Hi Ruth, thanks for the visit. Don't worry about spelling etc., - see the reason I got a computer in the first place!