Wednesday, December 06, 2006


It wasn't until I was looking back at some of my old posts that I realised it has been quite a few days since Mick and I got out of the house. It was a lovely morning so we went out for some fresh air; hopefully to clear my stuffed up nose. I needed to get some selection boxes and cards (for neighbours and distant family) so we went to our local shops. It's nigh on impossible to get Mick and wheelchair into the shop so I always have to leave Mick outside while I do a quick dash around. There were a couple of people outside having a gossip so I left Mick in earshot of them; hope he heard something interesting! There was a MASSIVE queue at the check out so I had to keep popping to the door to make sure Mick was OK; I don't like him out of my eyesight for too long just in case he has a coughing fit or something. The gossips were still gossiping when I got out of the shop!! I then popped into the chemists to see if they had an over the counter cold quick fix. The one I picked up the chemist told me he couldn't sell me because of my blood pressure (better explain I've had a little angina problem in the past and have to take tablets for my blood pressure; bit of a bind 'cos they make me wee a lot - my days of doing star jumps are over! - bet you ladies of a certain age understand that!) It took him ages to find something I could take - in the end it boiled down to Night Nurse (which will make me drowsy) or nothing. I bought the Night Nurse but will probably not take them unless I have to as the last thing I need is to feel drowsy in case Mick wakes up and I don't hear him! I think I prefer Mousie's idea " I made some nice herbal tea, with thyme and lemon, you may even add a little brandy, we'll drink it all together, good for colds, and make us sing after!!!" Sounds good Mousie!!!! Left the chemists and the gossips were STILL gossiping!

When we got back home I did a few jobs in the garden with Mick looking on and took this photo of Titch (named after Alan Titchmarsh - our second most favourite TV gardener).

Mick bought me this figure as a Christmas present three years ago and I must say he does a good job of keeping the garden in order!!

Jobs done we went back inside and I popped Mick back on his bed for a doze before lunch. I saw him wince as the hoist lifted him up so I knew something had hurt him. As the hoist loosened, as he started to lie down, I saw that his right elbow was bleeding - my poor darling; his skin is so thin that it it takes so little friction for it to scrape. I'm so glad I had ordered more dressings AND that they had been picked up. I quickly popped one on to his elbow and I hope it will heal quite quickly.

The rest of the day has passed quite peacefully so I'm off to make that herbal tea and fingers crossed have a good nights sleep.
p.s. Had to take this quick photo on my mobile phone of Mick's face when he woke up this evening and all the Christmas lights were on. I guess that's one bonus of only having short term memory - every thing is new all the time!

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Ruby in Bury said...

The photo of Mick is lovely - you can tell he's happy to see the lights!! And maybe he's also remembering something he heard earlier when those gossips were gossiping!!

Re. star jumps etc, I can remember laughing at my mum so much when I was little because she used to swirl into a really elaborate position, crossing her legs tightly when she did a big sneeze. Thirty years and three children later, I now know why she had to do it, and I have to do the same!!

Mile Stones said...

Ah yes! The photo is really priceless Ruth, well done! My mobile's given up, so on Saturday, i'll be cashing in my Vodafone points to get a replacement. I can't really avoid it with all these otherwise useless points - I WILL have one with a camera. Now, what's that going to lead to?

Anonymous said...


Delightful to see Mick enjoying the xmas lights...precious images indeed............Im laughing here (with legs crossed funnily enough) at your star jumps comments - with you all the way on that one after 7 children......Rest and keep well

Love to you both x x
.........must dash appointment with loo...........