Wednesday, December 13, 2006


After reading my mail this morning I am convinced that there is a man (or woman) from a certain company who is employed to sit and read Blogs looking for any mention of bladder weakness and the such like. The reason I think this??........ well just take a look at my mail this morning;

A closer look at one of the leaflets. Oh Manda you could be one of these next February!!!!!

Now I'm not knocking the product; in fact reading through the literature it sounds pretty good.
Using Tena lady I would be able to do STAR JUMPS again!
Cruise down the Nile!
Go deep sea diving!
Eat Chocolate cake without putting on weight!
AND have pillow fights with a young super stud!!!!!!!!!

WAKE UP MICK - We've got to get to the shops. I've a 50p off coupon and SHOPPING TO DO!

2 visitors have commented:

Anonymous said...

Gotta get me one of those...

Suze x

Audrey said...

LOL Me too Ruth and 50p off!!! Wheres my pillow....