Sunday, December 17, 2006


Another late awakening for Mick this morning. It will be interesting to see if he starts to wake earlier again once the days start getting longer. We had a quiet morning; listened to Radio Kent gardening and switched over to Radio Essex for "John's journey back in time". He was playing records from 1958 today. And YES I did know all the words!!!!
Earlier this afternoon I decided that as I had quite a bit of staling but not mouldy bread in the bread bin I would make a Bread and Butter pudding. One of Mick's favourites and nice and easy to swallow. BTW Mick didn't have to have a new patch on until 4 days had passed this week!!!! I started getting all the ingredients together. Buttered the bread etc; measured out the milk (almost all cuppas for me tonight!), sugar and sultanas when..............I went to the egg stand and I had NO EGGS!!! Now I know that Manda (if I had text her) would have popped over the shop for me but although I will ask her or Chris to do things like that I prefer it to be an "IF YOU'RE GOING OVER THE SHOP AT SOME TIME TODAY" favour not an "I NEED IT NOW" one. I really didn't want to postpone making the dessert until Manda came round this evening because I wanted to serve it after dinner at 5pm. Mick was awake; unusual in the afternoon, so I told him I needed eggs to make a bread and butter pudding and we were short of milk so would he mind if I got him out of bed, popped him in the wheelchair and had a quick visit to the shops. Now unless you've been in a similar situation you probably won't believe that I CAN gauge Mick's feeling about things without him actually saying anything. A bit like a Mum does with her newborn baby. Well I could tell that in Mick's mind the thought of bread and butter pudding far outweighed the hassle of getting out of bed etc. So we wrapped up warm and off we went. When we got to the shop there was a notice on the door saying that due to staff shortages the shop would shut at 4pm. If We had not gone out and left it till tonight for Manda to get the shopping..........THE SHOP WOULD HAVE BEEN SHUT!!!!!!!!!!! SERENDIPITY???

This is weird I had put this post into draft because I spotted that I had an email alert. The email was telling me that Audrey had left a message on my last post saying that the Travel Blog, of my sons girlfriend, which I had pointed her in the direction of..............she had already visited!!!! Of all the travel blogs in all the world!!!!.....................SERENDIPITY???

Our sunset tonight

I couldn't find the photo Audrey mentioned in her comment; so

Quick update thanks to Audrey. The Monkeys

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Audrey said...


And isnt it wonderful that modern technology means the girls can share their adventure...I follow my best friends sons adventures,also a young colleuge who took off on his travels last june.....Window to the world indeed!!

Analia said...

SERENDIPITY!! wow nice word I've learned today!! Thanks Ruth...
I'm glad everything is ok with you and Mick. Wrapped up warm? Gee, I'm melting here, please send some cool air by mail!! and snow too if you got some, so I can decorate my Christmas tree and stop using those polystyrene pearls that fly away and I can't get rid off for months and months :)

Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely..... you know what Ruth? I can say that you, my blogger friends are reflected in each letter of that word. xoxoxo