Saturday, December 09, 2006


I was looking through the comments this morning and came upon one by Milestones. I am flattered MS that you should think me capable of knowing about shutter speeds etc. Actually I'm just a click and hope for the best photographer. Honestly MS it WAS a strange moon last night. I'm not the only one to think so. As I locked up for the night I saw this chap outside with a torch looking up at the moon. I popped my head out of my front door to say "Good evening"; I think he may have a bad cold like mine as I couldn't really understand what he said back to me. Sounded a bit like "Nanoo Nanoo". He did kindly pose for this photo for me though.

Living such an insular life I hadn't realised how popular the "Miss Haversham Look" had become. As I'm posting so many photographs of the interior of our house I thought I'd better do a little research to make sure that I'm getting the "LOOK" right. I was pleased to find that Larry Lenny Boeing 747 in his new book "21st Century Chic" had written a WHOLE chapter on "The Haversham Home". This paragraph in particular caught my eye;

"It is very important to remember to "ring the changes" with the passing of each season. A few scattered flower petals in the Spring help to define the season. In the Winter the whole look can be emphasised by a light dusting of snow across shelves, windowsills and ornaments. This dusting should become heavier as the days pass so that by Christmas the effect is one of a heavy snow laden home. Until you have seen the twinkling of fairy lights reflected on a snow covered garland or snowman ornament you have not lived."
That's good to know isn't it. And if it's good enough for the King of Curly Kews it's good enough for me!!!!
I'm pleased to say Mick slept very well last night. The choking fit abated quickly once I'd put the new patch on. MS has asked if there is a limit on the length of time they can be used for. To be honest, although I've looked into it, there is no defined limit as most people would only be using them short term whilst travelling. My attitude at the moment is very much "Quality is better than Quantity". As the use of them is at the present making Mick's life less stressful then I shall go on using them as long as the doctor is willing to prescribe them.
It's going to be a busy day as Leanne and co are coming over to stay the night. Teresa (ex daughter-in-law; lovely girl) is also popping in; unfortunately JJ and Dulcie (two more of our grandchildren) are with their Dad this weekend so she can't bring them. It will be nice to see Teresa though, and her new husband Steve and we will make arrangements to see the children another time. We now have 3 Steves in the family; everyone of them a truly lovely person. In years past we have always had our FIRST mince pie of Christmas when we've visited Teresa. Hopefully she's not had any yet this year and we will be able to repay the tradition.

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RUTH said...

Before you all leap to Amazon to buy the book I must admit it and the quote are fake!!!! all out of my imagination.
All the rest of this post is true though! Tee Hee! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth

Yet again Im sitting here laughing(wont mention the bladder again but gonna have to consider upping my stocks of omo LOL) Sounds like you and Mick will be having an evening to enjoy which is lovely...Enjoy the mince pies...and your the devil pidgeonhole making an appearance as well..
Unfortunately I dont have a blog as yet..I have got as far as signing up however and each time I go to access it wont allow me in due to password-which I know is right so back to the beginning for me....Also giving serious thought as to what to blog about...given my comments of late and some common threads creeping into my conversations on here it will probabally have something to do with underwear,washing and sweet peas not of the floral type...LOL

Are you holding ET to ransom then or will the lottery win cover his flight home...and yes Ive thought the moon has had an unusual quality of late..a lovely aura that Ive not noticed before...

Have fun this weekend

Love and warmest wishes to you,Mick and your family


Mile Stones said...

Gooooooooood morning, Nano-Nano! (I can hear Lionel singing along right at this instant.."Na-no, is it me you're looking for?"

And that was no ET, no fake. That's me!!!!!
And our weird full moon of all time, for some celestial reason, was 2 months ago. Darker - to orange & yellow - than usual, waxy, enormous, heavy, like it was pregnant...
More Devil's -P'hole, the less shutter speed one needs!
Back later, shopping now!

RUTH said...

Hi Audrey
I don't know if it will be of any help but you may want to drop into They may be able to help.

Hi Milestones
Are you feeling better? Hope the shopping went ok.


Mile Stones said...

I'm fine thanks. And you both, my Dears? Shopping fine, car treated to petrol, air in tyres, wash & spruce up, work all done & now it's time to finally post my post-of-all-posts, going to crank it up with something I've waited a year to publish...Yep, I'm in that kind of mood again. I'll translate for you what one of my community, Mar, in Barcelona commented yesterday. She only writes in spanish, but she always sees right into me. She wrote "everytime I come back here, it seems the blog is getting more intense, more life, more world". And she knows in advance a little of what is coming. It needs a lot of care, but it is also important.
Ruth, what about analia? That girl worries me. I mailed her yesterday to find out if she's OK - nothing.
And I share your view that Audrey should try to start a blog. Audrey, you have so much unique to say, that's on your mind, it could be only good to share it, unload if you need to.
Ruth, I'm sorry, it seems I have started using your blog as the Angel's Pigeonhole! But hey, isn't that a nice image and concept?
Hope the Sunday is going well & that Chelsea & Arsenal can somehow manage to annihilate each other...