Thursday, December 14, 2006


Well not really a thousand more like half a dozen. Here's the story. Decided to have sausagemeat lattice for dinner last night. Now Mick and I don't often eat chips but last night the URGE got me. As they can be a little sharp on the ends when cooked I thought I'd better do Mick mashed potato with his. I duly dished up dinner. Mash on Mick's plate and chips on mine. I said to Mick "Darling I've done you mash instead of chips as I know you may have a bit of a sore mouth" (n.b. the steroids can cause this) " and I don't want any sharp bits of chip hurting you." Well you should have seen his face!!! I really wish I had a photo of it. He looked decidedly "put out"....................needless to say his mash was swapped for chips and he ate the lot!! I guess the CHIP URGE had got Mick too.

This morning after giving Mick his shave I sat him in his arm chair and wrapped the last of the Christmas presents. I seem to have been doing this on and off for days!!! Have we really bought THAT MANY presents. Better check the bank balance later Ha Ha!!! Some family members we give money to rather than buy an actual gift and I made some "MONEY CARDS" to put the money in. They turned out quite well.....................many thanks to the DLTK site. So many great ideas on there. All I had to do was click on a few buttons, print them, a quick cut out and a bit of glue. So easy a child could do it..........................Actually it IS a Kids site!!!!!

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