Wednesday, December 20, 2006


LAST NIGHT'S was foggy all day, no glimmer of sun; yet Mother Nature managed to produce this wonderful sky........incredible.

Having strained the Sloe Gin yesterday Manda and I had a tasting session. Wow , blow your head off stuff!!! Not quite as syrupy as previous years...probably due to the fact that the sloes had not been frosted when we picked them but not a bad taste at all. We didn't think it fair that Mick was missing out so when he roused for dinner I gave him a sip. You should of seen his face..his lips and eyes screwed up...I think that pure alcohol was a bit of a shock to his taste buds!

It's such a shame but our little fibre optic twinkling tree has broken. I thought at first it may just be the bulb but took it apart and the motors not working either. We have had plenty of use from it so I can't's just that it was in Mick's line of sight and I know he watched it a lot. I've put a few Christmas lights over it to try and compensate and changed my screen saver from garden photos to an animated Christmas scene so that he can watch that too.

When I got Mick dressed this morning I noticed that the crease in his right arm (the elbow area) had become very sore. Things like this seem to happen overnight and I have to be so vigilant. I've put a good smear of Aloe Vera gel and a dressing on it. I really hope it's not giving him too much pain.
Manda and Chris popped in a little while ago; they are off to town and wanted to see if I needed anything. Oh how I envy them; how I would LOVE to
  • go out into the freezing cold
  • slip over on the icy pavements
  • stand up on an overcrowded bus
  • jostle with all the "bah humbugers" to get into the shops
  • queue for half an hour at the check outs
  • get back to the bus stop only to remember something I'd forgotten to buy
  • end up walking home because now I've missed the bus

may have to rethink "how I would LOVE to"..........


Well must get much to do...........(truth is I'm a bit hooked on today's game on The Christmas Quiz...........and may have just ONE more go...)

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Mousie said...

just popping to give you both a night kiss
have a good night my friends
love from Mousie

Mile Stones said...

Ruth, can't find a way into the Christmas quiz....
Did get into Flickr though....Wow! Music came too. BUT between you, with this post & the pic, & Audrey's ATM bombshell, you're doing a dine job of ensuring that the sceptic isle will never see me again! XXXXXXXX

Mile Stones said...

The fog pic, that is. But that is a strangely red sky, isn't it?

RUTH said...

Kisses back to you Mousie. MS I don't know why you can't get into the quiz; it's on LOVE a Cosy Unit but renamed for a while. The link is

RUTH said...

The sky was incedible; the slight fog that was left didn't affect the photo. Such beautiful colours and that dark cloud forming a new horizon.