Thursday, December 21, 2006


The next couple of days are going to busy with all the family gathering for a pre-Christmas knees up. I may not get a chance to do a post until Christmas Eve. Reading the wonderful comments that you have all left I would like to take this chance to post some photos of Mick. The Mick you have seen on my blog and have taken into your hearts is only the exterior shell of the Mick within. I hope this compilation of photos will introduce you to the Mick that we so love, respect and admire.
I share them with you with love and a few tears.

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Mile Stones said...

Oh Ruth...oh Ruth....oh Ruth...
My eyes won't let me write anymore. I just hope you know why not and what my first line means. Stupid me, I KNOW you know. You are Ruth, after all.

Mousie said...

happy winter solstice my friends
love from Mousie

Audrey said...


Micks pictures speak for them self,so much there,they honour and relfect the love that you both oh so obviously have shared for each other down the years, and say so much more than I could ever find fitting words for...Thank you so much for sharing this precious gift of such a gentle man x

Analia said...

Ruth, I don’t know what to say….I’m just trying to let you know how I felt when I saw those beautiful pictures butI’m still so moved.
Everyday, when I come to your blog I do it hoping that you and Mick are all right, and most of the time you are, today I got an amazing surprise, part of your life in pictures… I don’t know if I’ve told you, but I do love Mick…cause through your words I have found all that he means to you and that also tells me what an incredible man he IS. Some days ago you told me he had listened to “The Godfather theme” from my blog and I felt so much joy…in a way I was interacting with can’t imagine!!
You are right, what we see in the pictures is just a shell, the real man is inside and I want to thank you so much for sharing all those moments with us. Please Ruth, could you tell him there’s someone in a little country called Uruguay who sends him thousands of kisses?
Well, it’s hard to write right now, you have touched every fibre of my soul.
Love, Ani
(I left a comment on Dec. 19th, too)

Mile Stones said...

This is just to enquire that both of you are OK and all is well.
It had better be......! Kisses to Ruth e abra├žos para Mick.

Elsie said...

Thank you for sharing your life with us. The photos of Mick tells a story of a great man.

As Miles has put it so aptly, my eyes also do not let me write more.

Enjoy these precious days with him and your family.

Love from South Africa


Anonymous said...

the photo's of mick are wonderful mum, and yes im finding it hard to type with watery eyes. love you both so much and big hugs to mick, my precious dad. love leanne xx

CG said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of Mick.


Icarus said...

Just so good to come and see again this great guy that I wish I could have known.
And amongst all this change, there's me too. I used to be Mile Stones....the idea!
I remember well how the first time seeing these photos just filled me up. It is good to let others link in to see them. That was what Mick was about, not what his illness reduced hime to. Bless you.