Saturday, December 16, 2006


As most of the day was spent doing "jobs around the house" there's not a lot to say that I haven't already written on "M.M.L.M.G". Mick has had a good day though. I think he feels a lot more comfortable since he had his bowels open (not exactly how Mick would put it I'm sure!). He has eaten really, really well. He slept in until after 9 again but ate every scrap of his porridge and although, due to his late breakfast, he skipped lunch he managed a yoghurt mid afternoon. I'd made chicken in mushroom sauce for dinner (really easy; just some chicken portions, a handful of chopped mushrooms and a tin of Campbells condensed mushroom sauce slung into the slow cooker for an hour or so). By 4.30 Mick had started licking his lips as the smell of it permeated through the house. He didn't leave a morsel and finished off with a dessert of strawberry ripple ice cream. It's good to see him really relishing his food again and not just eating because he knows he should..

So far those who have received my home made Christmas cards seem to have enjoyed them. I haven't been able to go into much detail about them before because I didn't want anyone to see a preview of their cards. As Manda and Chris have now had theirs I'll show you the photo I'd put on the front so that you can get an idea of what I've been up to.

Of course the actual card has all the fancy Christmas borders and wording as well; and inside is a personalised poem. It's been fun making them but it did take a lot longer than the usual 2 hour scour of the card shops.
Well I'd better go and do some work on the Christmas Quiz I've promised on Love A Cosy Unit.
Night Night
Sleep Tight
Hope the Cyberbugs don't bite

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Audrey said...

LOL Now then Ruth, you didnt learn to make cards like that in playschool or Sunday school...can imagine much laughter when its opened...Lol
Now the travelor link you gave me..thought the name looked familiar..managed to access this morning by signing up and unbelievable I had already visited louise and kirstens travelblog...Gosh remember the stone monkeys in Thailand.......wonderful photography,wonderful experience...Small world indeed..My best friends son may have been travelling in Thailand at the same in as you do I started browsing the sites and somehow came across Louise...Deja Vu LOL

Mousie said...

dear ruth
your blogs are so pleasant to read, even big difficulties are told in such a pleasant way...Just wanted to say I'm very proud of knowing you and Mick
love from Peaceful