Wednesday, April 18, 2007


  1. See your daughter's face when she receives a bouquet from the school where she works

  2. Receive a beautiful bouquet yourself from Talj and Andrew

  3. Receive a cheer up phone call from Talj

  4. Have Chris turn up with a surprise treat for my lunch "to cheer me up"

  5. Receive a cheer up phone call from Denise

  6. Receive a phone call from the Funeral Directors who are worried about how to get Mick's shirt on him as his arms are so the lady who phoned words "We don't want to hurt him"........what a lovely thing to say.

  7. Read all the supportive comments in your comment box

  8. Watch a beautiful sunset

  9. Chill out for a few hours in front of he TV.

  10. Slowly sip a glass of Amarula

9 visitors have commented:

talj said...

So lovely to read all the nice things that have happened for you today Ruth, no one deserves them more than you! I hope tomorrow holds just as many little things to help keep you smiling. Lots of love and {{{BIG CUDDLES}}} xxx

Sheila said...

Rants are good..! They stop us going mad..!
The flowers are wonderful, and the visits and phone calls are signs that you are well loved.
Enjoy the Amarula, heck..enjoy 2 or 3..and have another for me while you are at it..

mrsnesbitt said...

have one for me too! LOL!


Shaz said...

They sound like good reasons to chill out & smile x x

Jenny said...

Your story about the department store card had me staring, openmouthed with disbelief. I just can't even begin to fathom such a person and such a response! Sounds like you had a lot of help getting over it, though - glad to hear it!

A wildlife gardener said...

I am so very glad your are being surrounded by love, which is the best antidote when faced with adversity...and a good rant helps too!

Libbys Blog said...

The flowers are beautiful, and so are all the phone calls, messages and surprises, as Sheila says shows how much people think of you xxx

CG said...

I feel a lot happier for you today, dear Ruth; lots of love J xxx

Claire said...

Flowers are gorgeous! never tried that amarula stuff, is it like baileys? is it strong?lol!