Monday, April 30, 2007


I received a lovely email today from the Clatterbridge Cancer I said in a previous post Mick's requested no flowers at his always saddened him that so much money was spent on flowers that would soon fade and die.....he would rather people gave money to a charity or even just had a good p*** up in his memory. The girls and I all felt the same way that if anyone wanted to donate that the money should go to the Rose's Tribute Fund. This is the letter I received;

Dear Ruth,
Thank you very much indeed for the donations totalling £405.00, given in memory of your late husband, Mick, we really appreciate your support. It was very kind of you to think of us at this difficult and sad time for you. Please pass on out thanks to your family and friends who contributed to this gift in Mick’s memory.
We are very fortunate to have many dedicated fundraisers. Local support and generosity from organisations and individuals such as you ensure that essential work and improvements at the hospital continues as fundraising efforts make considerable advances to the facilities we are able to offer our patients here.
On behalf of everyone at Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology and Clatterbridge Cancer Research Trust, I would like to thank you for your support. Hopefully your encouragement will continue and help us maintain our essential work.
Yours sincerely
Susan Higham
Clatterbridge Cancer Campaign

I know there is a little more yet to come in and so the final figure will be nearer £450.00.

We've had another fantastic day. Talj ate a good breakfast; double scrambled eggs and bacon on toast........................ we then had a walk over to our local shops and spent much of the afternoon in the garden. The weather is being really kind to us, warm, blue skiea and sunshine all day; and Talj seems to quite like my new lounger......Hmmm...glad Andi wouldn't be able to get it in his car or I may find it missing by Sunday!!!...LOL

She's been taking some wonderful "close-up" shots of many of the flowers and I've seen plants in a totally new light.

No Talj's not playing peek-a-boo...she slapping on the suncream......that's Appletiser in that glass....honest Andi!!!!! Manda popped in during her lunch hour and joined us for a cream tea (or should I say cream lunch!....homemade fruit scones with summer fruits and whipped cream).......and believe it or not she still managed to eat all her dinner. We've not had dessert yet but I'm sure the Rhubarb Pie will have gone down before the evenings over!

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Audrey said...

A lovely letter Ruth, Mick will be so proud, that so much was raised in his memory.

Your descriptions of foods in really whetting my appetite, Rhubarb pie, gosh when did I last have that, I can almost taste it now.......Save me some Pleeeeeeeeeease xxxxxxxxxOliver...or was that More please....


CG said...

Great news about the funds raised in Mick's memory. i'm also glad to know that t is eating so well and getting plenty of rest in the sunshine. i think she should stay with you for ever.

Gledwood said...

Yes v.g. about the fund.

As for cut flowers, though they can be nice, I have always thought these a bit of a travesty. Better to buy ones that are potted and will live to bloom another day ...

Women on the Verge said...

My rhubarb is finally beginning to come up. I agree with Audrey. rhubarb sounds VERY good right about now!

Women on the Verge said...

So glad about the fund.. it's a lovely tribute.

Libbys Blog said...

A lovely letter from Clatterbridge Oncology! I know I told Talj but I'm not sure I told you, my mum works in the WRVS shop at the Oncology dept at Clatterbridge and has done for years!!!!! Glad your both having a lovely time!!

Allotment Lady said...

What a wonderful tribute - and you raised so much money

Glad you had such a good time with Talj

Blue the Spa Girl said...

It is so nice that you were able to give them the 450 enables them to do so much.
I am glad Mick's flower is in bloom, I guess it did so for him heh???