Thursday, April 19, 2007


Phew...aching a bit tonight. Not feeling unwell aching...just hard work aching. I spent much of this morning trying to sort out the bedrooms AGAIN!!! I know the other week I had a room all ready for Talj's visit but I didn't know then that I'd have family sleeping over before she came. Also as I've now taken up residence again in Mick's and my bedroom...sleepover space is difficult to find....and I'm not giving up our bedroom now!!! Not that the girls would even allow me too...they know how important it is to me; how close I feel to Mick there. It does mean though that on Wednesday some of the family will have to sleep downstairs. Manda is having 2 sleepers at her house so that just leaves 5 (plus me) at ours. Anyway that explains why I'm aching....all those spare beds Manda and I took out of Talj's room have now had to be put back in. But I managed it. Of course next Thursday they'll have to come out again before the weekend.....memo to self; when job hunting look into employment as a furniture remover...LOL

Leanne came over late morning...she has been granted some compassionate time off work...she travelled by bus this time......and text me to say she would be reaching Farm Foods at about 10.30. I decided to walk down and meet her. My one failing at the moment is leaving the house. In fact I've never been to Farm Foods without Mick...even when he was well. I know I've got to cope with outings on my own but I feel so lost without him with me....yet I feel fine in the house or the garden. I managed the walk down; Leanne's bus had already arrived and she was already on her way up the hill to meet me. I was puffing and panting with the DOWNhill walk; yet only a few weeks ago I could push Mick UPhill with little problem. Halfway down I realised I was even taking the slightly longer wheelchair friendly route...going slightly out of my way to find the slopes in the pavement! I made it though and Leanne and I even went shopping in Farm Foods itself. It seemed strange walking past all the things I would get for Mick as a treat and not buying them.

I had a couple of LOVELY items in the post today. The Memorial Cards that Denise has made arrived...and...excitingly...I received a letter and some beautiful photographs from my dear Blogfriend Sx who lives in Portugal. It was quite surreal to actually handle photographs that he had taken (not downloaded ones from an email) and to read words that he had actually written with his own hand......not typed. Sx has been a blogfriend of mine since the very early days of my blogging....he has in his life been through a similar situation as mine (as I have found out lately ...... many of you have) and has always seen beneath the words I write.

After lunch (Manda joined us during her lunch hour) Leanne and I set to installing some garden lights that I bought quite a while ago. Mick and I had always had a "things to do" and "places to go" list......having more lighting in the garden was one of the "things to do". The lights I had bought weren't solar lights and to install them involved drilling through the metal base of the kitchen window so we could thread the cable through to the electricity point. It's been so long since any DIY tools have been used that I had to almost clear out the whole of the understairs cupboard to find them. There was then a lot of clambering and stretching involved to position the lights. We did the job though and as Mick would have said "It was a good job jobbed"....though Leanne did stay an hour longer than she had intended but thankfully (as she was travelling by bus) her journey home was a lot quicker than it had been on Tuesday.

Well it's starting to get dark now so I'm off to have a sit in the garden and admire the new lighting......then maybe a hot bath and an early night are in order.

I know what you're thinking...what NO PHOTO.....OK then but I warn you trying to take night photos is not my forte.......

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talj said...

The lights are looking lovely and just in time for us to have a nightly wander around when I visit! :o)

So glad you have received such nice things in the post!!

I'll tell you off now...dont go moving anything on your own once your visitors have left!!!! If you don't have help before we arrive...Andrew will help!! ;o) Anything else I can volunteer him for? ;o) LOL

Sending you lots of love and {{{BIG HUGS}}} xxxx

Sheila said...

Take it easy Ruth, don't over do it.
There will be plenty of helping hands if you need things moved I'm sure, without you tackling it on your own.
How nice to get real piccies from a blogfriend, and Denise's cards in one day. A morale booster I'm sure.
It seems you did a good job with those lights. As for you not taking good night shots..Well, I don't know what anyone else thinks, but to me that photo is great. I just wish it would enlarge, as to me it looks like an impressionist painting. Beatiful soft focus colours.
Have a good soak and a good sleep, and take it a bit steadier tomorrow..!

Audrey said...

The night picture looks lovely Ruth. Enjoy your soak in the bath,relax and sleep well.

Delighted Stewarts been in touch, something special about a handwritten letter and the memorial cards from Denise, again a lovely personal touch.

The garden lights look wonderful, Well done!! I will tackle most things but couldnt do that.

Elsie said...

Another busy day for you, but when the end results are as good as the photo shows, it is worth it.

Good for you to go out of the house too, but do take it easy inside with the furniture.

Stay well


mrsnesbitt said...

Great to know all arrived safely!
Hugs to you my dear....

See you in the morning!


Claire said...

Oh the lights look wonderful, i bet its lovely in your garden now.
But like talj, i think you need a telling off! no more moving stuff on your own!

Just in case your wondering where my parcel is, its taking longer than expected to get the stuff here and then post it you! i like to make things difficult for myself.

If i could post myself i would!

Gledwood said...
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Gledwood said...
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Gledwood said...

That was me removing things. One word out of place and such a palaver!!

I just wanted to say hi Ruth ... don't want to say anything TOO touchy-feely that's not me ... I put a comment (tonight) at the bottom of your "rant" ... I don't blame you for ranting honestly (as I said)...

You sound pretty OK, I hope you are OK. If you're not, a friend of mine from years ago (who was really my parents' friend) who was nutty as the proverbial Christmas cake ended up for months in a lunatic assylum. His then-psychiatrist advised him if feeling angry go just go in the garden and attack stray borders with a bloody great shovel chucking earth in the air ... seeing as you keep a garden I thought I would pass this gem on to you...! But next time you deal with a moron, maybe you should just chuck HIM up in the air..!

Claire said...

Just thought i would also say, yes this week has gone bloody fast!

RUTH said...

Thanks for all your comments...won't be long now Talj! Sheila I love the idea of my blurry photo being like an impressionist painting..I'll remember that idea for all my other blurry photos!...LOL
Claire; I've emailed you some Amarula info...shame I can't email you a glassful
Gleds; your comment made me smile...I could through the **** in the air straight on top of the biggest manure heap I can find!

Libbys Blog said...

I know where your going.... keeping busy helps.... that is why you are doing so much, the lights are brilliant!

CG said...

Your new lights look lovely - really bright and pretty. It's always such a thrill to get some nice post isn't it?

Don't overdo the furniture moving, remember you've been told!!
J xx

Anonymous said...

Well I think the photo is great - impressionist, kind of in, "Show me the M..!"
You dun good, girls, real good.
It was good to discover that I still know (kind of) what a pen and paper are for. And to get something to you that you don't have to switch on the laptop to get at. It's maybe time to get some blow-ups of my 2-year-old digital era.