Thursday, April 26, 2007


I'M A LIAR...did you know that?????.......No??????....well neither did I until I was informed of the fact this afternoon. Admittedly I called the person who called me a liar, one too.......did that sentence make sense? It was a sort of "tit for tat" liar calling session. So who do you believe???? could be swayed a little when I tell you that the person who called me a liar was my doctor....a highly respected member of the medical profession (cough cough)...well how could you doubt him! OK so it's the same doctor who totally ignored Mick's symptoms putting them down to headaches and an ear infection.......and he is a member of the same surgery who for 6 months some years ago gave Mick Colefac for the pain in his stomach....that was until Mick's bowel actually burst from the cancerous growth in it resulting in peritonitis and near loss of life (Mick had part of his bowel rebuilt). Yes I know it's the first time you've heard about that.....just another of the Million Stories in MY particular naked city!!!!

But I digress.........let me just precis the happenings of this afternoon.

There was a knock on my door; the doctor was there. "Yes can I help you" I say. He wants to come in. "Errr, why? Mr Jenner is dead now" I say. He insists he wants to come in to speak to me (may I point out that I am now a woman living on her own and I had neither requested to see the doctor or been informed that he wished to visit). I insist that I don't particularly want to speak to him....why would I want to speak to a doctor of a surgery who....(see all that first bit above). He tells me none of that happened. He says as soon as he saw Mick "things" were put into motion. He says I'm a liar.

(me shouting now)......"You're the liar! If it hadn't been for a locum who immediately saw how ill Mick was we may never have even seen a specialist!"

He tells me I'm just angry. Yes I'll hold my hands up to that...I am ******* ANGRY!

He wants to come in. I express (quite loudly) my surprise that he wants to come in; he didn't seem to want to when he had a patient here!.... in fact none of the medical profession seemed to want fact none of the medical profession (doctors or nurses) had touched Mick since he came out of hospital in 2005.....I ask him to go (loudly but politely) and shut the door.

More knocking on the door....guess who???'ve got it in one. He informs me I'm angry and a liar. I inform him I have the District Nurses notes upstairs as proof; they sign them when they visit (if they visit) and (more loudly and less politely) ask him to go.

Sometime later there was a message on my was the Hospice worker..wondering how the funeral went!!!!!

What is going on with the medical profession in England? They can almost totally ignore a dying man........until of course he's dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a lighter note I forgot to mention one of the things that we had planned yesterday. We bought some "Bubbles" and Manda labelled and decorated the packs for the grandchildren to blow when they got home, for their Grandad. It was a lovely touch...there are some left...I may have a bubble blowing session myself some may be good for my blood pressure.

I was given a present today too..........Mirry and Fran had seen on my blog that my garden lounger was old and had no proper cushion and look what they went and bought me before they went home!!!

Another photo from a different angle; just in case you don't believe me ......after all I have it on good medical authority that I'm a liar!

Note and apology: Manda has just reminded she did witness the doctor touch Mick once;...... he lifted one of Mick's eyelids up.

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talj said...

Lots of love and {{{BIG HUGS}}} xxxxx

Icarus said...

Once again, I even feel some relief that my Dad went 10 years ago today (civil date), so that he didn't have to face the possibility of experiencing such a decay into a madness resembling something created by Kafka.
When is this going to end as far as Mick's concerned, for you?
I hope you can do some good lounging out in the garden soon!
With all my love & kisses,

A wildlife gardener said...

I am so glad you are a strong person, Ruth...otherwise you might have given that so-called doctor a well-deserved slap across his nasty, lying face! He certainly brings shame and disgrace to his profession. I feel my blood pressure rising... give yourself a gold star for not being intimidated by him :) Mick will be proud of you.

Allotment Lady said...

That is one of the most shocking things that I have ever read.

How dreadfully you have been treated.

Sounds like he is now worried and trying to 'cover his back'

Good for you for sticking up for yourself - but you poor darling for having to go through all that.

mrsnesbitt said...

As mjy mum would have said,,,"Bloody Hell!"

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Jenny said...

As we Amurricans say, Unbe*#$(%inglievable!

Piling indignity upon indiginity, yet they can never take away or diminish your dignity!

Pat said...

Ohhh, Ruth. I'm so terribly sorry that you had to go through that visit. I just can't believe it. This is just terrible.


Audrey said...

How dare he Ruth!!!!Is this man for real!!His behaviour is appalling,atrocious absolutely unproffessional. Other expletives run through my mind at this moment,but best not printed.

You stand tall in our eyes Ruth always have and always will, and well done for rising above him.

Much love and hugsxxxxAuds

Lynnie said...

I am now sitting here feeling totally sick to my stomach - how dare he! Who the hell does he think he is - because he certainly is not a professional - well they have not heard the last of me and my sisters!!! Nobody and I mean nobody does that to you mum!!!!
I feel a national newspaper coming on!!!
I love you with all of my heart and we all know the truth and daddy knows the truth.
I am sending you huge hugs and kisses

Auntie Noo said...

Boy you haven't half had to deal with some bozo's haven't you? I can't work out the purpose of the visit - was it just to call you a liar, or was there some other reason?????

Mousie said...

Now my sweetheart, take your beautiful armchair, put it it in the garden near your favorite flowers ...lie down...I'll prepare some tea and nice biscuits, tell you stupid litlle stories in French and English, massage your feet and we'll have a nice must forget that bloody doctor...may be he feels very uncomfortable realizing what he has done...i hope he does, I hope this will ruin his nights...
love from mousie

Sheila said...

Sounds to me like he is trying to cover his tracks.
I hope he has restless nights, but I doubt it, after all he's a busy man, he has other patients to patronize and ignore.
We had one like that in this area, he eventually became the coroner.
It was said he could do less harm that way.
Make a cuppa get your lap top, and go into the garden, and enjoy that lovely lounger.
The doctor will eventually get what's coming to him.

CG said...

Just appaling but nothing surprises me any more :(

I hope you enjoy the bubbles and the new sun lounger. I'm away for a few days so will wish you a peaceful weekend filled with love and friendship xxx

Jeanette said...

Dear Ruth
I would have pushed him away and slammed the door fast in his lieing face. Ihope you get many hrs loungeing in the sun on your new lounge. Im sending all my love and big HUGS to you. Take Care.

Shaz said...

I hope in the near future you will make an official complaint & refer to this post for clarity of how you were made to feel.

My children let a balloon off on the aniversary of their Grandfathers death ever year with a note to what they have achieved that would make him proud. Go blow bubbles Ruth x x x

Gledwood said...

... wow what a great idea to have a "bubbles ceremony" ...

Gledwood said...

... and as for the doctor :: "methinks he doth protest too much" ...

Blue the Spa Girl said...

I have a way to take your mind off this annoying bull*&^%!!! Visit my blog and do your question meme thingie. Sending love and hugs, sorry about that "doctor". xoxo
No skills, no skills.

Claire said...

I was too angry to comment the first five times i read this!

Language was very colourful indeed.

Nope it doesn't get better this read either.

You have my up most admiration as usual for the way you handled it.

Bubbles and Beautiful flowers will forever remind me of you and Mick now :)

Sylvia said...

You need to capture that doctor and keep him in a cage with a gag on for months, maybe years and not let him near people, sick or well.